Kitchen Design Inspiration in Unusual Places

As designers, we are often asked to be inspired on the behalf of our clients. This is not always the easiest task as it requires me to really get to know the person, how they live, and what is important to them and their family. Something that all homeowners have in common when they are building or remodeling their kitchen is that they want it to look beautiful. That said, to be inspired, try to look in some unusual places:

Artistic or Architectural Pieces

Take artist John Houshmand for example. His work incorporated different textures of wood. Recently, we had a client that wanted to build a large table in the middle of their kitchen that will seat 12 people. We were trying to figure out what the base of this table was going to be made from – and a designer of ours recalled John Houshmand’s website. Below is a picture of the inspiration photo and the 3D rendering of the kitchen design.

Houshmand inspired kitchen table

(L) Fireplace Wall, (R) Hood Wall

Masonry Wall

A client of ours in Needham, MA was building a new house, and they had already had several meetings with a designer at another showroom. Aside from having the product they were looking for, a large reason they ended up using Kitchen Views to design their kitchen is that one of our designers was able to figure out a solution to something that everyone else said couldn’t be designed or accomplished. The clients wanted their hood over the range to match the stone they were using in their fireplace. Below is a view of the fireplace and the hood which sit on opposite walls in the home.

Needham, MA fireplace to kitchen hood

(L) Inspiration Piece, (R) Built-in Hutch

Vintage Furniture

Another source of inspiration can be something already in your existing home: a hutch cabinet, a trunk, an old table or piece of artwork; even an old antique clock with a custom paint finish can make a nice color inspiration for a distinctive island or furniture piece. In this Newton, MA residence, the client had a charming old trunk in her living room. We were planning to remove an existing closet to do a built-in hutch, but our designer suggested we match the antique trunk in the finish and distressing. Below is the inspiration piece and the built-in hutch:

Built-in hutch inspired by antique trunk

(L) Antique Trunk, (R) Built-in Hutch

Inspired design creates a space that shows personality, and transforms your vision into a kitchen that is uniquely your own. Contact a Kitchen Views designer if you’re looking for design inspiration. You can also call 1-508-DESIGNS (337-4467) for more information or to find a showroom near you.

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