New Kitchen Design Brochure from Kitchen Views

Kitchen Views is proud to announce the release of our new kitchen design brochure. It features Brandy Souza, designer and assistant general manager of Kitchen Views and Jessica Williamson, our award-winning designer at Kitchen Views Custom in Newton, MA.

The publication of our new Kitchen Views 8-page brochure is currently being distributed inside the 2011 January/February issue of New England Home magazine. It’s also available at each of our showrooms and as a PDF on our website.

This new brochure and past issues of the Kitchen Views design magazine are available at

Kitchen Views at National Lumber

1 Response to “New Kitchen Design Brochure from Kitchen Views”

  1. 1 all about home January 5, 2011 at 8:36 am

    I recommend that you take a lot of time searching for kitchen design ideas that fit with your character before you decide to come to a kitchen design store. This way you’ll have an idea that is more focused so that the seller may help you find a design that matches your kitchen.

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