Kitchen Views is Going Strong

While home centers like Home Depot are downsizing their kitchen showrooms, Kitchen Views is going strong and has added two new showrooms in the past year. Our other Kitchen Views showrooms have been or are now installing new cabinetry display vignettes. With full-featured cabinet and countertop showrooms, replete with kitchen, bath, and office vignettes, homeowners will find plenty of inspiration for home improvements. Our showroom in Berlin, MA even has an example of a mudroom! But the greatest benefit Kitchen Views offers is a well-trained, talented team of designers available for expert design advice and product knowledge. An experienced designer will help you to find a solution that fits in your budget. Kitchen Views carries a wide variety of stock and custom cabinets, as well as a great variety of countertops, whether you’re looking for laminate, quartz, or other synthetics; maybe you’re looking for something more up-scale like granite or marble. Kitchen Views can get you what you’re looking for, and make sure everything fits together just right.

Recently, a custom home builder who purchases building materials from our parent company, National Lumber, told us of a million dollar home he built in Eastern Massachusetts. The homeowners chose to save money by purchasing their kitchen and bath cabinetry from a big box store for the builder to then install. As the builder was preparing his schedule for the arrival of cabinetry, he checked with the big box representative and found out that they had based the cabinetry on measurements of the room that were provided by the homeowner. He was shocked that they had not come to the site to confirm the measurements, and asked whether those measurements accounted for the window trim and other vital considerations – they did not. Because this builder contacted them directly and the measurements were corrected, the cabinetry fit properly when his team installed it. However, he later noticed that the layout of the room was not optimal. He said that the cabinetry looks beautiful, and the homeowners are certain to like how it came out, but planning by a qualified kitchen designer would have improved the usability of the room.

Many budget-conscious homeowners go to a big box home center looking to get the most cabinets for the lowest price. However, the kitchen departments in big box stores are often not well staffed, not experienced with layout design, and sometimes big box sales staff is more concerned with the quantity of cabinets or appliances that they can sell you. The homeowner should also look at the quality of their cabinetry. Some name brand cabinetry manufacturers have a less expensively constructed cabinetry line that they sell through such stores. At a glance, these may look the same as more expensive cabinetry, but since the construction is not as solid they won’t last as long as you would expect. When you are investing in a kitchen, bath or other renovation that you expect to enjoy for many years to come, you want to get the best quality materials that your budget allows. If you have to replace the inexpensive cabinetry in 5-10 years, you haven’t really saved any money. Price point should not be the main focus, but rather quality and durability.

Kitchen Views is all about the customer, what you’re looking for, and making sure that every piece of the puzzle fits just right. Our experienced designers take precise measurements, accounting for structural elements that a typical homeowner wouldn’t consider. An experienced designer also knows how to make the layout of your new kitchen provide the easiest use for the daily tasks you and your family perform in the room. They discuss every aspect of whatever room you happen to be working on: whether it’s the kitchen, bath, office, or even a mudroom or family room. Kitchen Views is more than just kitchens; we can do whole house design, from the floor layouts to complementing your personal style right down to the drawer knobs and pulls!

Whatever your home design, cabinet, countertop, or decorative hardware needs, Kitchen Views is always ready to help. Visit our website to see the designers’ portfolios and take a peek at our showrooms to decide which best fits your needs. Check out the “Getting Started” section. Then come and visit one of our showrooms, pick up one of our design brochures or magazines, and prepare to be inspired!

Kitchen Views

2 Responses to “Kitchen Views is Going Strong”

  1. 1 roger February 22, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    I found this article very up-to-date and informative as it provides excellent ideas for kitchen remodeling without breaking the bank. With this handy information, you are able to make your decisions more wisely and obtain the best kitchen re-modelling plan for yourself. I would like to add more information about kitchen re- modeling that can help you build your dream kitchen.

  2. 2 Craig March 28, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    I’d have to second the motion that big box stores don’t necessarily save customers money. A line by line comparison between two quotes, apples to apples, often shows box stores having a higher price.
    As a lumber yard employee, I find this to be true on all sorts of quotes, not just for kitchens. I’ve had a couple of “drag races” on decks and houses, and smoke them nearly every time.

    I dare say that the service in a box store is a smidgen different as well. 🙂

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