Amy Mood: The First Ever Kitchen Power Grommet

Mockett Kitchen Power Grommet

Mockett Kitchen Power Grommet

“The First Ever Kitchen Power Grommet” by Amy Mood

Here’s something to keep in mind when designing an island into your kitchen.  All islands need to have a power source built in to them in order to safely plug in any small appliance that you may want to use there.  Typically the problem, especially on a single level island, is where to locate it inconspicuously, but in a spot that will be functional.  No one really wants to cut in to a decorative cabinet side or to have an outlet be a “focal point”.

One great solution is a pop up power grommet.  They are designed for kitchens or any place that liquids could spill.  There is a clear rubber ring around the top that forms a seal when the unit is closed, preventing water and other liquids from getting in.  To use it, you simply pull up on it to lock it in place and push a button on the bottom and push it back down when you are done.

What a great solution to one of those “little details” make the difference in a kitchen design!

Amy Mood, AKBD
Kitchen Views at National Lumber
71 Maple Street, Mansfield, MA 02048
Phone: 508-339-8020

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