Bob Russo: Planning Time for Your Countertops

Allowing time to get your countertop order in line can be as important as your cabinets. Once you order your cabinetry, you have a good idea as to when they are to arrive. All too often, customers wait too long to start looking or thinking about counters, assuming that they are in a warehouse, basically ready to go, or can be gotten very quickly. In some cases, this may be true; but for the most part, tops need selection, templating and installation.

Laminate tops (Formica is one trade name) can be ordered ahead of time in some cases and trimmed on site. As for the bulk of items used on countertops (Corian, granite or other stones, quartz, or tile), these materials need selection and maybe ordering time. You may not always see what you like on the first go-around. Once selections are made, locking them in is important (or you may lose them), either with a deposit or payment in full.

Now that you have selected your countertop type, you need to plan the install. To fit countertops correctly, you should have a template done (other than laminate tops, most will insist on this being done). All of the cabinets do not need to be installed, just the base cabinets of any items the countertops will be sitting on.

From the time the tops get templated, you will need about 7 to 10 working days before they come back to install. This is why it is important to keep everyone in the loop. If you do not keep your countertop fabricator up to date on job progress, they may not have a day open for you when you need or want  them. This could cost you time and money.

So keep in mind, the more prep you do ahead of time, the smoother your job will go.

Bob Russo, ACSD/PKBP
Kitchen Views at National Lumber
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2 Responses to “Bob Russo: Planning Time for Your Countertops”

  1. 1 Craig Parker July 6, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    I’m more familiar with laminates, and wanted to add a bit to what Bob says… What usually happens up here is that a customer will see colors that our suppliers stock, but not in the edge profiles they want. Last I knew, Pionite was only making their newest Stonex colors to order, meaning that unless the distributors haven’t bought a bunch for stock, THEY can’t get it in any kind of a hurry either. This could end up creating a three or more week lead time nobody is planning on. This just bit me actually, but there was a “second choice” that was readily available and a pretty close match.

    If you’re planning on laminate, you might need to steer clear of corner sinks.
    It can be done, but not in every situation, and you may end up having to get a custom edging that costs almost as much as some of the lower priced stones out there.

  2. 2 Garden State Soapstone September 6, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Good services. I feel that I have seen a lot of times that I was hired by people who got the cabinetry way before the countertops.

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