Dennis Serge: Cabinet Hardware “Insurance”

Dennis Serge, Designer at Kitchen Views in Mansfield, MA

When selecting the hardware for your new cabinets, it’s a good idea to order at least two pieces more than what you actually need, especially if the hardware is special order. Put the extras away in one of the drawers, so that you will have them handy in the event that a piece of the hardware on the cabinets should get damaged or broken.

Two years ago, I had a customer who bought some very nice cabinet hardware with porcelain inserts, but purchased only the exact number of pieces that they needed. Recently, the porcelain on two of the handles broke. The customer came in to get replacements, but the manufacturer had gone out of business and we could no longer match the hardware. As a result, the customer had to go through the trouble and expense of replacing all the hardware in the kitchen because they hadn’t gotten a couple of extras to begin with. So, those extra two pieces of hardware stashed away in that drawer – they’re cheap insurance!

Dennis Serge
Showroom Manager
Kitchen Views at National Lumber
71 Maple Street, Mansfield, MA 02048
Tel.: 508-339-8020  Ext. 5617
Fax: 508-261-6426

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