Small Kitchen Designs That Work: Versatility to Accommodate Color Palette Changes

Big ideas for small spaces

The general rule is to avoid being outlandish with kitchen design choices, as you yourself may get sick of extreme color choices. But if you are a free-spirit who thrives on change, you may want to be bolder with your kitchen design choices. We recommend that you plan ahead so that you can enjoy making changes, but keep it affordable. An experienced kitchen designer can help you build the right bones into the kitchen, which will allow you to adapt — even annually if you desire — to the latest style trends.

Many kitchen remodels — even as recently as a few years ago — were aimed towards resale value. But now, if you are one of the many folks remodeling for their own personal comfort as they stay put longer, you can focus on the way you would like your kitchen to look. Some people make big changes to the ambiance of their kitchen with the time-honored use of paint on the walls and choices of colorful accessories, which can be changed fairly easily if you want to change up the atmosphere of the room. But we have an additional suggestion, which can be more affordable than you’d imagine.

Start by investing in the best cabinetry that you can afford — in a timeless style that suits the rest of the home. Then choose laminate for the countertops rather than stone. Laminate will provide you with a more economical way to make a big style change. It’s no longer your grandmother’s laminate – the number of color choices are staggering. Some even mimic stone. Laminate is a hardworking surface that now is also quite beautiful. This could be a very good choice for a young family. Laminate will provide a hardworking surface to withstand everyday spills, baking projects like holiday cookies and even constructing science projects like the ever popular volcano!

Custom edges from Wilsonart give your countertop the sculpted look of more expensive materials, like granite, at a fraction of the cost. It’s a beautiful look on a modest budget, a choice that feels as smart as it looks.

As time goes by, you might want to repaint the walls and change the accessories. These are manageable changes for a busy family, but that can make your kitchen feel like new.

Then, when the children have become teenagers, because laminate is so affordable you may decide to update the kitchen with a new laminate countertop to freshen up the kitchen. Laminate will continue to serve you well for everything from cooking lessons to pizza parties.

Good planning with an experienced designer will make your kitchen versatile for style changes as the years go by.

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4 Responses to “Small Kitchen Designs That Work: Versatility to Accommodate Color Palette Changes”

  1. 1 Benchmarc Kitchens October 10, 2011 at 1:08 am

    The suggestion to use laminates is a good one for those people who constantly are looking to change up the look of the kitchen. It also comes in handy if the house is sold and the new owners hate the style of the previous owner. They can just redo the laminate in a style of their choosing without a costly kitchen renovation.

  2. 2 joanniejprice May 2, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    This kitchen looks so great! I love color schemes that give a sense of cleanlinss. I just added in Comfortex shades to spruce up my kitchen. They’re plain white, and I was wondering what color to pair with it. I was thinking red, but I might look at some blues first.

    • 3 National Lumber May 2, 2013 at 1:59 pm

      If you are thinking of using curtains to pair with your new white shades, a couple of things to consider are how the colors will impact your space. Reds may offer a warmer cozy feeling, while something on the blue palette will be more serene. The good thing about using curtains and accessories to bring in color is that they are interchangeable with seasons and, more simply, how you feel when you are in your space. Using those types of elements allow you to create the space you’ll love, and are easy enough to change if you ever tire of them!

  3. 4 Mary Kohler December 26, 2016 at 6:41 am

    I prefer concrete floors in the kitchen with simple design cabinets and color mint green on walls. I also love your ideas above.. Cheers

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