Beveled Edges for Wilsonart Laminate Countertops

Previously we informed you about the economical option of selecting laminate countertops. Now we want to elaborate on another way to add your own personal style to your laminated countertops. The edge style you select will provide a beautiful finishing touch. These edge options greatly improve the look of laminate over the hard edges of the past.  The following options from Wilsonart show the distinct improvement over the laminated countertops of the past.

Beveled Edge

A Beveled Edge is strong, crisp and classic, evoking the polished image of cut and chamfered stone.

Cascade Edge

Cascade Edge pairs a flowing waterfall roll with a straight-edged base for a look that is naturally beautiful and impressive.

Crescent Edge

Crescent Edge invites the eye and warms up decor with soft curves at top and bottom.

Imagine having a new countertop that mimics the look of stone, at a fraction of the cost. With the wide selection of laminate colors, the look you desire is affordable.

For more laminate countertop examples and color choices, visit Wilsonart’s laminate countertop page.

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