Characteristics to Consider When Selecting Wood Cabinets

Real wood is specified for cabinetry when one is interested in enjoying the naturally occurring variations that make each piece uniquely beautiful. The amount of variation from one piece to the next depends on the species chosen. However, it must be remembered that while general characteristics will remain the same for the species, the installed product is likely to vary from the showroom model.

Variations are the result of soil and climatic conditions affecting the growth characteristics, grain and coloring of the wood. Fine hardwoods will display mineral streaks, gum spots and knots, which give unique character and beauty to the wood. These natural characteristics cannot be subdued or hidden with a finish process. Carefully consider these aspects before selecting a wood species for your project.

JSI Cabinetry's Madison Craftsman Wood Cabinets

JSI Cabinetry's Madison Craftsman Wood Cabinets

The effects of moisture must also be considered when selecting real wood for cabinetry. Normal minor fluctuations in humidity are expected and there will be insignificant changes in the wood if the relative humidity is maintained within a range of 40%-50%. Uncontrolled extremes (above 80% or below 20%) is likely to cause problems, such as expansion and contraction, which can cause joint separation or bowing of cabinetry components.

This general information is provided as a brief guide. Your designer will provide thorough explanations of wood species selections for your particular project. The cabinetry brands which Kitchen Views features use carefully selected kiln dried woods to ensure stability in climate controlled homes. Our goal is for you to be satisfied with the long term use of your cabinetry as well as the design layout.

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