The Best Ways to Stretch Your Kitchen Budget – Lee Turner

Most people want to find ways to stretch their kitchen remodeling budget, while still getting all the features they need or want. Many think that getting their cabinetry from a big box store will be less expensive, but in the long run it could cost you a lot more. Anything can be made to look good in a picture. But you don’t live in a picture. If the cabinet boxes are not constructed well, they won’t hold up over years of use. Then they would need to be repaired or replaced. If you design the kitchen layout yourself, you could very well end up finding that the layout doesn’t work well for your needs. You don’t want to make an investment in your home and later say to yourself “I wish I had thought of (fill in the blank for your situation).”  Trained kitchen designers bring experience to these decisions and can advise you on the best way to meet your needs for function and aesthetics.

Dynasty by Omega Kitchen Cabinets

Dynasty by Omega Kitchen Cabinets

The Kitchen Views design team specializes in providing quality cabinetry that is durable as well as pretty. Money can be saved by staying away from painted cabinets, appliances that need matching cabinet panels and very specialized cabinets. One exception is that I believe no kitchen is complete without cabinets for trash and recycling. Having waste receptacles strategically placed makes chores so much easier, and the room looks better. These are just a couple of examples explaining why having a knowledgeable designer is so important.

Working with a Kitchen Views designer won’t cost you more; it will actually be the most economical way to get the kitchen you love that will stand the test of time in everyday life. We love what we do, and are excited to help you create a kitchen you will love to live with for years to come.

Lee Turner
Kitchen Views at National Lumber
15 Needham St, Newton, MA 02461

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