Be Real, You Don’t Live in a Magazine Picture

Lisa Zompa, Kitchen Designer Blog

Starting a kitchen renovation can be an overwhelming task.  To make the process flow easier, it’s a good idea to sit down and really think about what you want to get out of your new kitchen.  It’s standard practice to ask homeowners to provide a list of what they NEED in their new kitchen, where you WANT items, plus a DREAM list of what they might like to have if the budget allows. These lists allow you to prioritize what you want/need that will fit into your budget.

Yet I’ve learned from years of practical experience to ask clients up front about many things they did not consider when listing what they need in a new kitchen. For example, all of the following have come up:

• In the Needs list, you might include a better walk flow, more storage, specialties such as baking or double ovens for large meals and entertaining.

But people often forget to specify the following:

  1. Not only if they are right or left handed, but whether other members of the household are right or left handed. This can impact workflow arrangements.
  2. Should the kitchen be handicap accessible for someone other than the homeowner. Universal accessibility elements can make everyone happier.
  3. Perhaps you don’t have small children, but forget to mention that small children often visit. Are there safety concerns? Should there be special seating?

• In the Wants list, you might include an island with seating, cabinet with trash and recycle bins, a microwave some other place than above the stove or a counter-depth refrigerator.

• In the Dream list, you might include a prep sink, a wet bar, a wine rack or special refrigerator, and decorative accessories in the space.

Does anything like this come to mind as you think about what you need in your new kitchen? Thinking about such things in advance will avoid delays in the design stage and/or save money if you are in the construction stage before you think of something essential that was not planned.

Omega Closet Cabinet in East Greenwich, RI kitchen designed by Lisa Zompa

If you need more storage space in your kitchen, a custom closet cabinet like this one by Omega might be a good choice for you.

Once you have your list, then it’s time to look around in different showrooms to see what new products are out there and you can make adjustments to your list.  When you are ready to sit with a designer, you already have an idea of what you want to accomplish in your new kitchen.  The designer has a great starting off point and can start the design process with your list.

Cabinetry sizes and placement to fit the space are important, but how you use the kitchen in real life is more important. A trained kitchen designer with experience to anticipate your needs and fulfill your wants and needs will provide you with a new kitchen that exceeds your expectations.

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