Task & Under Cabinet Lighting

Task lighting under the upper cabinets

Note that lighting has been installed under the upper cabinets for task use at the desk area.


We would like to share with all of you how important it is to keep in mind the benefits of lighting when planning your kitchen or bath project. This can be a relatively inexpensive part of your overall budget, as there are a few different options that can make all the difference in a kitchen, especially if you are working with a smaller area.

For instance, if a smaller space won’t allow for a furniture hutch type piece in the room, you may want to consider utilizing one of your wall cabinets as a “display” type of cabinet by putting a glass front door with some glass shelves, instead of the traditional wood shelves, and putting some lighting at the top of the cabinet to display any special china or decorative dishes/glassware you may have.

Another application for lighting is what is commonly referred to as “task” lighting; these are lights that would be placed under wall cabinets, and these lights focus directly on the countertop, as opposed to a traditional ceiling light fixture that may cast unpleasant shadows, making it easier to prepare meals.

There are several types of lighting that would be sufficient, such as “hockey puck” lights, “rope” lighting, or traditional florescent bars. Please keep in mind that when using under cabinet lighting, additional molding is required to maintain the function of the light, so not only do you have added light in the kitchen, but with the addition of Light Rail Molding, your kitchen now has a finished look, as well.

Kitchen Views

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