Fall is a great time to plan your kitchen remodel – Part 2

Remodeling Preparation – Mental & Practical


Before you start the demolition, prepare yourself mentally for the rigors of the construction process. Doing a major remodel such as a kitchen is exciting and will bring you years of happiness, but there will certainly be moments that may threaten your sanity. Prepare yourself early and often so you will be able to enjoy the rewarding outcome once your new kitchen is finished.

  • Have patience – discuss a realistic time table with your designer and contractor
  • Expect the unexpected – seems a bit cliché, but more often than not there are unforeseen issues that arise during construction
  • Be as flexible as you can – and work proactively with your crew to address problems as they come up
  • Paper goods – stock up on plates, cups, and eating utensils so when the time comes you have less to wash in the tub or other makeshift sink
  • Take out Menus – Keep a bunch of these handy
  • Prep the grill and cooler – Many people grill year ’round. If the weather is nice, have dinner outside. What a great time for a cookout!
    Be sure you have enough propane to keep the grill going during cooking.
  • Make dinner plans with family and friends – spending time with company will keep your spirits lifted. Bring something to share for dinner or dessert, then once your new kitchen is finished, invite them over for a dinner party of your own!

It will seem like a long haul, but being prepared will make it easier and the rewards will far outweigh the gripes once all is said and done. You will have a wonderful new kitchen and will feel rejuvenated in your new space. By next fall you could be baking in your new kitchen with delicious scents of apples and cinnamon wafting through the air!

apple pie with red apples on countertop

3 Responses to “Fall is a great time to plan your kitchen remodel – Part 2”

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