Technology to Transform Our Lives at KBIS 2015

Brandy Souza of Kitchen Views

The KBIS show of 2015 was filled with plenty of brands we know and love. All our favorite brands have clearly embraced new technology and used it to make our lives easier. The one take away from this year’s Kitchen and Bath show was that technology is king. Here are my notes from the KBIS 2015 show that demonstrate how technology, design and function come together to better our lives.

Kohler’s Touchless Flush Toilets — just when you thought a heated seat was the best invention added to toilets, now we don’t even have to touch our toilets to flush them!

Kohler Touchless Flush Toilet

Kohler Touchless Flush Toilet

Tech Top by LG — this was really cool. Just place your cell phone, exercise tracker, glucose meter, heart rate meter, or portable speaker on the LG Viatera or HI-MACS counter surface and your battery will automatically charge! Check out their website to get the details and demo.

Tech Top by LG - diagram

Tech Top by LG

Viking Incognito Induction Warmer — this product installs under any counter surface and cooks through it with induction technology.

Viking Incognito Induction Warmer signage

Viking Incognito Induction Warmer counter closeup

Viking Incognito Induction Warmer counter closeup shows no visible signs of the technology

The Viking Professional French-Door Double Wall Oven — this design gives a modern, commercial look to your oven. It matches the current French-Door refrigeration trends and allows users to open using one hand. Perfectly designed for ADA needs. The large convection fan with bi-directional movement allows maximum airflow and excellent cooking results.

Viking Professional French-Door Double Wall Oven

The Viking Professional French-Door Double Wall Oven is perfectly designed for ADA needs

MasterBrand Cabinetry — Omega, Dynasty and Homecrest — these are our favorite cabinet lines and they can be used anywhere. Laundry, mudroom, and craft room are just a few possibilities!

Laundry cabinetry

Lots of storage keeps your laundry area organized

mudroom cabinetry

A mudroom never looked so good before! Everyone has everything they need ready to go out the door.

craft area cabinetry

An organized craft area provides everything you need within easy reach

Visit a Kitchen Views showroom and meet with a designer to add these great features to your dream kitchen, or any area of your home.

Brandy Souza, General Manager of Kitchen Views

3 Responses to “Technology to Transform Our Lives at KBIS 2015”

  1. 1 Mia Boyd June 2, 2015 at 3:54 pm

    Thanks for the information. I’ve been thinking about remodeling my own kitchen. It seems like it just doesn’t fit my personality right now. Judging by this article, it seems like there’s a lot of new technology out there that I could put in my kitchen! I especially like the refrigerators with the touchpads; are those pretty common now?

    • 2 National Lumber June 3, 2015 at 6:05 pm

      Glad that you enjoyed my information about the technology shown at KBIS 2015. There is a lot of interesting and very useful technology out there now. A good source of information on appliances with new technology is Yale Appliance at

      Brandy Souza, General Manager

      • 3 National Lumber June 19, 2015 at 5:43 pm

        I have checked further with Yale Appliance expert, Jessica Goodale, on the refrigerator with touch pad and she wrote, “I believe Viking is the first to soft launch this idea. There isn’t any other brand currently making anything like this at the moment. A lot of times, the shows are a great test ground for prospective products, and a lot times, they don’t come through. Seems neat, but I am sure off hand the first generation will potentially have some kinks to work out and will be pricey.”

        Some people always want to be the first to have the latest gadget. If that describes you, and you can afford it, please let us know how it works out for you. But those of us who are more conservative with our money usually wait for a technology to be proven before investing in expensive new options.

        Deborah Rowell, Marketing Supervisor
        Kitchen Views at National Lumber

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