Accessory Options for Cabinetry

Accessory Options for Cabinetry
by Brandy Souza

If you haven’t explored the world of kitchen cabinetry lately, you may not know about a few interesting options available from some of our cabinet manufacturers. Here are several examples of interesting cabinetry and kitchen accessory options you may want to consider during your next kitchen upgrade.

Schrock Tablet Holder

Schrock Tablet Holder. Image © Schrock Cabinetry, Fair Use

Tablet Holder

Mounted under 12″ deep wall cabinets, there are pull-down acrylic tablet holders which are moveable forward or backward with a slight side to side rotation. Typically, these holders have cut-outs for a charging cord. There are other types of tablet holders that can be mounted under counters, as well.

Schrock Power Pod

Schrock Power Pod. Image © Schrock Cabinetry, Fair Use

Power Pods / Charging Station

This pop-up accessory telescopes up from the countertop approximately one foot for access to electrical sockets and USB ports for your electronic devices. It helps eliminate the need for awkwardly placed power outlets and gives you a convenient charging spot for your mobile devices.

Schrock Wall Message Center Cabinet

Schrock Wall Message Center Cabinet. Image (c) Schrock Cabinetry, Fair Use.

Wall Message Center

This cabinet is only 3″ deep, 12″ wide, and fits at the end of your wall cabinets. It includes a magnetic whiteboard for family messages; key hooks, pencil holder and fixed plexi shelf fronts for your miscellaneous gadgets.

When you start to design your next kitchen with Kitchen Views, consider these accessory options to help organize these modern necessities.

Brandy L. Souza
Assistant General Manager
Kitchen Views at National Lumber
120 Welby Rd, New Bedford, MA 02745
Office: 508-990-8020 x3163
Fax: 508-742-1498

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