Evolving Placement Choices for Kitchen Appliances

Evolving Placement Choices for Kitchen Appliances
Choosing to have separate cooktop and wall oven


Image © Kitchen Views


Cooktops can provide more flexibility to your appliance placement options than traditional single unit kitchen stoves. For example, you can choose to have a cooktop in a traditional setting against the wall with a range hood, with the option of putting storage below for pots and pans.

Another popular choice is to have a cook top placed in an island, which some people prefer so that they are facing family or guests while they cook. A new favorite type of cooktop (shown here) is induction because it provides a clean and stylish look to every cooking area.

Image © Kitchen Views

Image © Kitchen Views

Wall Ovens:

Available in either single or double units, a wall oven is mostly used when selecting a separate cooktop, or perhaps as a secondary oven. It can be featured in a tall cabinet, which is easier to access or below the counter in a base cabinet. If a single oven is selected, a microwave can be installed over it, as long as you have a tall enough cabinet (see photo above).


Image © Kitchen Views

Kitchen size needs to be taken into consideration, as the oven is often installed in a tall cabinet, reducing the amount of counter space in the perimeter of the kitchen. Some clients have chosen to put ovens in the island.

When designing your next kitchen, be sure to consult your kitchen designer about proper appliance placement for your individual needs. If you’re interested in the configurations above, make sure that your cabinetry and kitchen layouts will work for these options.

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