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Defining spaces in your kitchen creates an organized and easy place to live and entertain by creating zones in your kitchen for specific functions.  Some examples are Prep, Clean Up, Entertaining, and Drop Zone.


Prep Zone can include a place that has a trash, cutting boards, bowls, and knives in  the same area so you can prepare dinner in one spot without having to move around the entire kitchen.


Clean Up will have your trash, sink, dishwasher, Tupperware, and foils and wraps in the same area so you can clean up after dinner and quickly put away the left overs.


Entertaining is where your guests can sit/stand, and a place to keep your beverages that is out of the way of your prep and cooking area.  This allows you to be with your guests while cooking, and easily get drinks without having to go into the cooking area.


Drop Zone is where your family members come in and has a place for phones, keys, mail, book bags, and laptops.  This keeps tables and counters clean of clutter.

By having defined spaces in your kitchen, you won’t end up with the overlap that can happen in a kitchen without these zones. While overlap between zones can still happen, having better organization will prevent some of the problems you may have had previously. Your kitchen designer will find solutions to help you plan out all of the different zones you’ll need in your space.

See more of the Bristol, RI kitchen featured above in Lisa Zompa’s Kitchen Views portfolio.

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