Imagine … an outdoor kitchen for true outdoor living

Family eating meal outside in garden

While the current heat wave in New England has everyone either running into the air conditioning, or jumping in a pool, this extreme heat is not the norm for our area. Outdoor spring and summer days in New England are long awaited and usually beautiful.

If you enjoy entertaining in your backyard, you may already have a deck with a casual dining area and a grill to cook traditional summer meals like hamburgers and hot dogs.

As you’ve been enjoying your backyard this summer, have you been wishing you had a real outdoor kitchen for al fresco family meals and summer parties? Kitchen Views now sells Wolf Endurance cabinetry, specifically made for outdoor kitchens.

Little children outside in a pretend kitchen

However, designing an outdoor kitchen isn’t child’s play, it requires more than an eating area and a grill.

Man cooking on grill with family in the background sitting at a table

Time with your family and friends should be fun, not a chore. Your outdoor cooking doesn’t have to be an exercise in juggling utensils and carrying plates of food to and from a grill that is away from everyone else. If you’re ready to take your outdoor cooking and family time to the next level, Kitchen Views can help you create an outdoor kitchen. Planning for what you need is important, so you don’t end up having to run back in the house for things all the time.

Wolf Endurance outdoor cabinetry with built-in gas grill on a deck

Wolf Endurance outdoor cabinetry with built-in gas grill

You could start with the basics — some weather-resistant cabinetry with a built-in gas grill, so you can store utensils, plates, etc.

Wolf Endurance outdoor kitchen with prep sink and built-in gas grill on a deck next to the house

Wolf Endurance outdoor kitchen with prep sink and built-in gas grill

If you entertain large groups, perhaps you’ll want a wet bar and ice maker for special summer drinks. Remember you’ll want glasses, plates, utensils, napkins, and all the other niceties conveniently stored in your outdoor cabinets.

Of course, you’ll want to have your favorite beverages handy, and a cooler could work for that. But if you spend a lot of time outdoors, proper refrigeration will keep your food safer, whether waiting to be served or waiting to be grilled.

Wolf Endurance black outdoor cabinetry with built-in gas grill on deck

Wolf Endurance black outdoor cabinetry with built-in gas grill

When you’re ready to start planning, contact Kitchen Views and work with an experienced designer who will help you make your outdoor space a true extension of your home.

You’ll find both traditional and low-maintenance decking materials at National Lumber stores, plus our Reliable Truss manufacturing facility (part of the National Lumber Family of Companies) offers prefabricated trellises, pergolas and gazebos to add shade and a little romance to your outdoor living.

Let us help you start planning now for construction this fall or next spring, so you’ll be ready to enjoy next summer in your outdoor space.

Contact Kitchen Views at 508-DESIGNS [337-4467] or visit our website for more information.

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