Internet Purchasing vs Showroom with Experienced Designer

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You can buy anything on the internet. Websites like Amazon bring the entire world to our doorstep, but anyone who shops online knows that what you see is not always what arrives. Receiving an ill-fitting dress in the mail is annoying, but if that dress is your outfit plan for an upcoming event, this inconvenience becomes a crisis.

Young happy couple using a laptop in the kitchen at home

With this example in mind, consider the myriad of issues you might encounter when buying cabinets on the internet. Sure, you can measure your space and try to figure out the items that will hopefully fit, but why would you forego consulting an experienced designer from a reputable company when making a sizable investment in your home?

kitchen plan sketch hand drawn

On average, homeowners remodel a kitchen or bath only once in their lifetime, and transforming a space is no easy task.  A seasoned designer will visit your home, listen to your ideas, accurately measure your space and be able to create a design customized to your taste and lifestyle.

Professional kitchen plan shown in computer rendering

When working with Kitchen Views, you can see and touch actual samples before making your purchase — you aren’t hoping the color on the screen is accurate only to be disappointed when it arrives. Quality of materials is as important as the look of the design, and what happens when you receive the wrong item or a damaged cabinet from an online retailer? Choose the Kitchen Views team of expert designers backed by the National Lumber Family of Companies and be delighted with the results.

Illustration of custom kitchen design in progress

Designer Tips

Color Color Color
Personalize your kitchen with a color you love. A deep blue island is grounding and calm while a light bright blue can feel energizing and refreshing. Color is memorable and should be tastefully incorporated into a kitchen (or bath, office, or mudroom) to make your space as unique as you!

Enticing Textures
In addition to color, the incorporation of texture is an excellent way to express your style. Metal-framed doors, rich woodgrains and an array of glass options are available to add dynamic depth and visual interest to any interior.  Honed and high-gloss finishes can be combined to create a high-end custom look.

Sort It Out
Functionality and specialized storage is just as important as the appearance of your kitchen. Consider deep, full extension drawers to organize your food storage containers and cookware. Pull-outs aren’t just for spices; they now hold cutting boards, knife blocks, and can even replace that one container full of spatulas currently cluttering up your countertop.

Gold Is Not Old
Warm-toned golden hardware looks beautiful with every finish. Consider alternatives to silver when selecting your cabinet hardware — a brushed brass or champagne hue is quite nice when paired with both painted and stained finishes.

Quench Your Thirst
Speaking of champagne, beverage storage beyond the fridge is a key consideration. A dedicated location for beer and soda frees up space in your fridge, while a multi-zone wine cooler keeps your reds and whites at just the right temperature for entertaining your guests.

Contact me to discuss your dream kitchen. I look forward to guiding your design journey.

Mary Jane Robillard
Kitchen Views at National
3356 Post Rd, Warwick, RI 02886
Phone: 401-921-0400

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