4 Compelling Reasons to Work With a Professional Designer

Home design mixing styles smoothly to integrate new kitchen cabinetry
Home design mixing styles smoothly to integrate new kitchen cabinetry | Photo credit: Pexels

Reason 1: Your style is fantastic! However, it may not be just right for the eventual resale of your home if you ever plan on moving. No buyer wants to walk into a 1920’s craftsman and see a mid-century modern kitchen. Don’t worry though, you CAN incorporate elements of texture, color, wood, etc. that YOU LOVE that will still say, “Hey, this is my space!” but also go with the home’s style.  A good designer will listen to you and blend your style with your home’s style.

Reason 2: Codes. A good designer will know clearances you should have all around the kitchen for today’s code requirements. Of course, you should always check with your local building inspector if you’ll be pulling a permit, which in most cases it’s good idea. Each town has its own set of specific requirements though. You might think it’s okay to copy your old layout or something looks good on paper, but it’s not up to today’s code. The designer will catch things that can help you avoid having to reorder cabinets.

Becky Christman's 3D rendering of a custom kitchen with island seating
Becky Christman’s 3D rendering of a custom kitchen with island seating

Reason 3: Design software is a fantastic tool, and your designer knows how to use it. Using 3D rendering software such as 2020 Design (which we use at Kitchen Views) can help you and your designer actually see how your space is going to really look when it’s done. Even people with high spatial intelligence and natural visualization ability benefit from this. Something might seem like it works in your head, or looks good on a small color swatch, but turns into a costly mistake later on. No one wants to spend thousands on a layout or color combo they think they’ll love only to hate it after it’s all installed. That’s one expensive mistake that can be avoided.

Reason 4: Professional attention to all the details will actually save you money. An experienced designer will make sure everything is actually going to fit and function properly once it’s all in place. Many homeowners think “Well it fits all my measurements on paper, and I measured twice,” but then they go to put everything in place and suddenly their fridge doesn’t open all the way because it’s directly against the wall. This is just one example.

Any designer who knows what they’re doing will ask … Did you measure the walls before or after new drywall was put up? Does your ceiling height take into account new flooring going in? Is your fridge going to open all the way once it’s in up against a wall? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Your kitchen is the heart of your home; it should function flawlessly and be a relaxing retreat for you, not somewhere where you can’t open a drawer, or you’re crammed in a corner doing the dishes. No one wants a brand new kitchen that functions worse than their old one.

In conclusion, you will be happier with the outcome by hiring a designer who knows what they’re doing. There are many good reasons why people benefit from working with a designer, and not just people who have no idea what they want. An experienced designer will save you so much time, grief, and costly mistakes. Believe me and give me an opportunity to discuss your kitchen design plans. My goal is to be certain the results exceed your expectations!

These design ideas are from Becky Christman. Working at both our Berlin and Gardner locations, she’s available by appointment to meet with you at a showroom or jobsite. Check out her portfolio to learn more.

You’re invited to make an appointment for a free design consultation. Check out our Getting Started section to learn more. Please schedule a design appointment and receive undivided attention.

Becky Christman
Kitchen Designer
Kitchen Views at National National Lumber
Berlin and Gardner, MA

Pexels photo credits:

Dining room in traditional home photo by by Curtis Adams

Kitchen with wooden cabinets photo by ready made


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