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The Heart of the Home – Multi-Functional Kitchen Space

Jim Marrazzo, Designer at Kitchen Views in Newton, MA

It is becoming more and more popular to have the kitchen be the center of household activities. You may find that this is the perfect place for you to incorporate a desk or an office space. Do you like to look for recipes on your computer? Want to have the children nearby as they do their homework? The kitchen may be the perfect place for you to have a desk for your computer and for kids to do homework. Or maybe you just want a place to write or pay bills.

Custom Kitchen with Office Area

Custom Kitchen with Office Area

First, decide what activities you want to do in your office area. Find a place away from the main traffic flow of your kitchen. Think about sitting space, especially if you need more than one seat. Lighting is very important. Even if you are able to place the desk beneath a window, you will need to have general lighting and more importantly task lighting. You’ll also need plenty of conveniently placed power outlets if you want a complete office setup with a computer, printer, calculator, etc.

Cabinetry companies are now providing more options with specialized cabinets for holding our various electronic gadgets while they are charging. Some shallow cabinets can create a usable nook on the end of other cabinetry, such as the Mini Message Center from Schrock.

Schrock Mini Message Center Cabinet at Kitchen Views, Warwick, RI

Schrock Mini Message Center Cabinet

The ideal height for a desk and office cabinets is about 30 inches from the ground, which then allows wall cabinets to be lower for easy access. Most cabinet companies make file cabinets to match your kitchen cabinets, a must in your office kitchen. Plan a convenient space for supplies like paper, pens, pencils, etc. Perhaps you want a bookshelf, too. Have a place to put all your office needs so you can keep this space tidy and organized.

If available space is limited, make the desk area versatile for multiple functions. Put in glass doors for stemware display space and you can turn your daytime office into an elegant bar by night.

Easy Access Desk in the Kitchen

Easy Access Desk in the Kitchen

The experienced designers on the Kitchen Views team can help you to make the most of your available space. When everything is conveniently organized, tasks are easier and can even feel effortless. Let’s make your kitchen the true heart of your home by making it multi-functional.

Jim Marrazzo
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Melissa Moniz: Built-in Microwaves & Microwave Drawers

Under Counter Microwave Drawer at Kitchen Views Custom

Under Counter Microwave Drawer at Kitchen Views Custom

Everyone loves speedy cooking for getting their cravings met immediately, and now people are discovering a better place to put their favorite appliance instead of over the stove or on the countertop. One of the hottest products we’ve seen lately is the microwave drawer or built-in microwave in a base cabinet. An immediate benefit is that by moving the microwave away from the stove, it keeps the cook from having to reach over the stove. Planning for longterm use, reaching can become difficult for some people, while an under-counter microwave is always accessible to everyone.

However, while this accessiblity can have many benefits, homes with small children will have to take precautions until they are old enough to understand it is not a toy. Left unsupervised, inquisitive and creative tots might experiment on inappropriate items, such as amusing themselves by melting GI Joes. But older children, taught properly, will delight in the independence of making a snack for themselves.

Another reason to consider is to free up space for a larger, fancy or more powerful ventilation hood over the stove. More counter space and easier use – thoughtful placement of each and every item by a knowledgeable designer will create a kitchen that your family will enjoy for years to come.

Melissa Moniz
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Lisa Zompa: Updating Your Old Kitchen With A Fresh Look

Lisa Zompa, Kitchen Designer Blog

Are you getting tired of your current kitchen, but your existing cabinets are still in good shape? How about adding a complementary island or hutch? The trend has been going in the direction of replacing the kitchen table and chairs with an island that has added storage and seating for the family. An island, or hutch can be a great opportunity to add the function that your existing kitchen lacks without going through the expense of a new kitchen.

Islands can offer you additional countertop space for entertaining, working, and seating, while giving you added storage for pots and pans, trash, or even additional appliances. A hutch piece is a nice place to show off your china that has been stored away in some closet for years. They can also give you that furniture “WOW” piece that you have been looking for.

The hutch below adds added storage and function with the beverage center.

Lisa Zompa - Black Hutch

The island below adds color, and is multi-functional. It serves as banquet seating on one side, and has a sink on the other.

Schrock Island with contrasting cabinetry

Island with Schrock Cabinetry

The island below adds contrast to the kitchen cabinets and provides additional seating, while looking like a piece of furniture.

Crystal Cabinetry island

Island with Crystal Cabinets

Adding an island or a hutch, or both, to your existing kitchen is a cost-effective way to update your kitchen without overstretching your remodeling budget.

Lisa Zompa
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New Trends in Backsplashes

If you’re looking for the latest trends in kitchen design, you can always speak to a Kitchen Views designer. We also showcase the latest in backsplashes at our newest showroom in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Pictured below is the first vignette you’ll see walking into our beautiful Warwick showroom. This display was designed by Brandy Souza, who chose a basketweave patterned backsplash to complement the granite countertops, as well as to add both texture and color.

Basketweave backsplash made with aqua to match the Kitchen Views logo at the Warwick, RI showroom

Basketweave backsplash made with aqua to match the Kitchen Views logo

Backsplashes have gone from simply being useful in protecting walls from water, to opportunities for adding accent colors and creating a focal point in the kitchen.

The photo below is of a showroom vignette designed by one of our Warwick, RI designerswith a “metal plus blends” backsplash, a mixture of glass and stainless steel – excellent for a more contemporary look.

Metallic sparkle backsplash in the bar display at the Kitchen Views showroom in Warwick, RI

Metallic backsplash in the bar display

Stop in at any of our showrooms for inspiration! Visit to find a showroom near you!

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