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Finding the Right Kitchen Island

This article was adapted from an article from the Fall 2009 edition of Kitchen Views Design Magazine.

The island is about as common in today’s kitchen as the stove, refrigerator, or microwave. However, unlike those particular appliances, the island can serve a wide variety of purposes and come in many different shapes and made of many different materials. For homeowners, deciding on what type of kitchen island works in a particular space can become a pretty daunting challenge. Having a sense of how the space will be used, however, can make a big difference in how to cross that bridge when your design gets to it.

It’s important to know how your island will be visited each day, invariably shaping the content of its cabinets, dimensions, and surface. Some islands are used as much for food prep as they are for homework. The island can also be the most important piece of the puzzle in the workflow of a cook entertaining a houseful of guests. Here are four kitchen island solutions, each with its own advantages, in order of price point.

Portable Island with Schrock Cabinets

Portable Island with Schrock Cabinets

Price point: $

This portable island, created with Schrock cabinets, is little more than a countertop installed upon two cabinets and two shapely legs, offering just enough space to savor a moment of solitude and a morning latte before the action begins.

Island with Omega Cabinets

Island with Omega Cabinets

Price point: $$

As walls come down and the kitchen and family rooms merge, an island with a high bar for seating and a lower level for food prep keeps the mess out of sight and the flat screen right where you want it. Mixing and matching Dynasty and Omega cabinetry help to create this custom look at an economical price.

Natural Cherry Cabinets from Corsi

Natural Cherry Cabinets from Corsi

Price point: $$$

You can show off your cooking skills and remain part of the party by incorporating a semi-pro island cooktop. A bold splash of color in natural cherry cabinetry by Corsi adds panache to this focal point. However, before you set your heart on this plan, remember that ventilation in the middle of a room requires strategic planning.

Kitchen Island with Crystal Cabinets

Kitchen Island with Crystal Cabinets

Price point: $$$$

Carefully planned storage space requires considerable discussion when designing an island, even in a colossal kitchen. Add two levels, with a prep sink above and a wood-topped baking center below, and this five by eight foot island by Crystal Cabinetry provides a bevy of solutions for the multi-cook family.

These and many more solutions exist for finding the right island for your kitchen. Speak to your designer about how to best utilize this centerpiece of your kitchen to fit your needs.

Kitchen Views 

Details Make All the Difference

Kitchen in Chatham, MA

Everyone wants a kitchen that will have their friends repeating “wow,” or better yet, leave them speechless. The key to achieving this is in the details. From the crown mouldings, to the selection of cabinet hardware, to the backsplash, there are many ways to add personality and charm to a kitchen.

For example, consider how many details are involved in choosing the right cabinets. There are the many choices of wood species (from alder to white oak to hundreds of exotic veneers), finishes (stains, paints, glazes, sheens), mouldings (dentil, light rail, cove, etc.), and the many various heights, depths and storage options available.

Trained kitchen designers know all the possibilities that are available, which choices are meaningful and how to put them all together to achieve a unique style. Oftentimes, the blueprints for a kitchen only provide a footprint of the layout, without any details, because the architect may not necessarily know all of the options that may be available or desired by the homeowner. This is where kitchen designers come in. Since they know all of the available options, they can work to flesh out all of the little details.

Attention to detail is exemplified in a kitchen one of our designers worked on for an oceanfront home on Cape Cod. The challenge was to design a space made an impression that would do justice to the home’s location. The homeowner wanted an efficient, beautiful, understated kitchen without making it seem like a “designer kitchen.”

Our designer’s solution was to use white Crystal GreenCore cabinets with aqua-colored decorative hardware. The hardware helped accent the oceanic theme of the space, with the walls just outside of the kitchen being painted a light blue. For the countertops, Vermont slate was used on the perimeter, and reclaimed beech wood was used for the island top. These gave a very natural feel to the space. The end result was a kitchen with an old country kitchen feel, but with outdoorsy elements that are both charming and environmentally-friendly.

When you discuss cabinet or countertop options with any of our designers, we hope that it inspires confidence, like a visit with an old friend, in your decision making process. That has always been a large part of our success. When a designer gets to know you and your individual style and viewpoint, he or she can always do a better job in making a kitchen space that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

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