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Treasured Possessions and How They Help Us Define Our Style

When you’re remodeling your home, you want to be able to have your own personality worked into the design process. One way to work personal style into the design is to find a way to display treasured possessions. Another way to define your style is to find design elements that compliment those treasured possessions.

For example, you may like to collect beautiful glassware and use decorative picture frames. In that case, perhaps you would like special decorative hardware to accessorize your bathroom. Decorative cabinet hardware is a great way to express personal style. There are a wide range of styles that make the selections nearly endless. From basic handles and knobs to many different sorts of ornate designs, there are options for every aesthetic.


This feminine bathroom vanity vignette in our Mansfield showroom is an example of personalizing traditional cabinetry with feminine touches, such as the sparkling chandelier and decorative hardware. Imagine adding crystal picture frames and perfume bottles to complete the elegance. If you want a luxuriously feminine vanity, consider Schaub Crescendo decorative hardware, which looks like jewelry.


Keep in mind that fancier hardware can add up in price quickly, so be sure to keep budget in mind and not go overboard. It’s also extremely important that style and function go together with hardware. We have plenty of articles concerning how to choose decorative hardware that you can check out for further information.


In the kitchen, there are many options for display cabinets to show off fancy dishware and other treasured fragile items. In the Kitchen Views showroom in Mansfield, MA you can see how open corner shelves can display large pottery and a cabinet with glass doors can display glassware.

Glass door display cabinets could be either frosted or colored transparent glass, which can add a degree of mystery, or even plain glass to put items on full display. You could also have shelving in areas that might otherwise go unused, such as in cases where a regular wall cabinet may not fit, or otherwise empty wall space. This sort of shelving is perfect for displaying books or knick-knacks, depending on your personal style.


If you’re a wine aficionado, there are many options for open wine cabinets, available from many major kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Some allow you to even show off your wine glass collection. These sorts of cabinets can serve many purposes and if you decide on more custom options, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever your space considerations and how subtle or grand you want your style to be portrayed, try to keep your design choices as timeless as possible. Hardware can typically be swapped out easily, and display cabinets and shelves can be used for just about anything. When consulting your kitchen and/or bathroom designer, be sure to let them know about your favorite things so that they can help you incorporate them into the final design.

Kitchen Views

Completing the Ensemble: The Importance of Quality Decorative Cabinetry Hardware by Dennis Serge

Dennis Serge of Kitchen Views

Customers face a great many decisions when designing or renovating their kitchen. For whatever reason, choosing the hardware for their new cabinetry can sometimes be one of the more daunting selections. Frequently, the questions my clients ask me fall into one of three categories:

Some people like the simplicity of using knobs throughout the kitchen. Others, especially in a more contemporary design, will use all pulls. Most folks seem to prefer a combination — knobs on the doors, pulls on the drawer fronts, or vice versa. Also, consider how the pull or knob feels when you pull on it. A pull might look great, but if it doesn’t feel comfortable to you then it will quickly become annoying. One great thing about visiting our showroom is that you can try out the function of decorative hardware that is installed in our inspiring kitchen vignettes. The truth of the matter is that there is no right and wrong here. The deciding factor is what is most functional for your family and looks the best in your eyes.

This drawer pull has crisp features that look great. But delicate hands might find this pull uncomfortable to use.

This drawer pull has crisp features that look great. But delicate hands might find this pull uncomfortable to use.

Beyond the obvious observation that a highly stylized, contemporary hardware will tend to look out of place on very traditional, raised panel cabinetry, consider what style is currently popular and see if you think they are a good match for your cabinets. Plain chrome and polished brass hardware can look nice on certain styles of cabinetry, but for the most part they have given way to finishes like brushed chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and other weathered type finishes. These should remain popular for years to come, and are not a “trendy” choice like some glass hardware, hardware with inserts, and other styles that a customer might tire of a few years down the road.

This cabinet pull with curved shape and textured surface works well with traditional or contemporary cabinetry.

This cabinet pull with curved shape and textured surface works well with traditional or contemporary cabinetry.

Here the old adage applies, “you get what you pay for”. Don’t be afraid to ask if the hardware you are considering is solid metal or an alloy, of if there is a warranty on the finish. If the hardware is too inexpensive or poorly made, it can literally begin to tarnish in just a few months. Hardware is the finishing touch on your new kitchen, and it can be a focal point that enhances or detracts from the overall appearance you are trying to achieve. As an example, imagine if you will, watching a glamorous actress stroll down the red carpet in an exquisite designer gown, and then seeing that she is wearing obviously cheap dime store costume jewelry. It ruins the whole ensemble. It’s much the same with cabinet hardware. Don’t make the mistake of skimping on the hardware to save a few dollars at the end of the project.

The finishing touches make all the difference.

Dennis Serge | Showroom Sales & Design
Kitchen Views | 71 Maple St, Mansfield, MA

Fighting Germs With Decorative Hardware From Häfele

Who doesn’t want to have a healthier home and/or work environment? Parents of young children are familiar with those long stretches of time when a cold or other virus sweeps through the whole family. Office workers try to keep their hands washed to avoid catching whatever is going around the office. Now Häfele declares they have decorative hardware that can help fight the ongoing battle against germs.

Where health and hygiene are important considerations, pulls & handles with antimicrobial finish are now available in a choice of six distinctive pulls and handles.

Häfele Antimicrobial Collection of decorative hardware

Häfele Antimicrobial Collection

Häfele’s Antimicrobial Collection starts with exceptional craftsmanship and contemporary style. Then a durable, powder-coated antimicrobial finish is applied that reduces the possibility of developing “superbugs” or other strains of bacteria. With today’s health and hygiene concerns, this collection offers new possibilities for residential, commercial and institutional applications.

Whatever your decorative hardware priorities, Kitchen Views offers a wide selection of brands to complement your cabinetry, your style and your budget.

Berenson’s 3 Steps to Choosing the Right Cabinet Hardware

Berenson's 3 Steps to Choosing the Right Cabinet Hardware

You don’t want to rush your decision on cabinet hardware. It may seem like a small thing, but your choices will affect the everyday usability of your cabinetry and influence future changes.

Decorative hardware runs the gamut from simple knobs and pulls to unusual shapes to antique reproductions. Understated, stylish or attention-grabbing—it’s all a matter of finding the look that fits your personal style, and the shape that will fit your needs.

You may want to consider how much use a cabinet knob or pull will get. How will it feel each time you pull on it? Read more on our website.

Kitchen Views recommends Berenson decorative hardware for their huge selection of hardware in materials, finishes, sizes and styles to enhance the appearance of cabinets and furniture. Berenson recommends narrowing hardware into a manageable selection, which is crucial to the decision making process.

STEP 1 | Identify the Project Style | When it comes to choosing decorative hardware the number of options can be overwhelming. Their design style segmentation is extremely helpful. Click below to find more about these styles:

Berenson Transitional Style decorative Hardware

Classic Comfort: Casual, Refined, Transitional

Berenson Modern Style decorative hardware

Uptown Appeal: Sleek, Modern, Contemporary

Berenson Traditional Style decorative hardware

Timeless Charm: Formal, Balanced, Traditional

Berenson Artisan Style decorative hardware

Artisan Inspired: Detailed, Craftsmanship, Artisan

Step 2Request Samples | It can be very difficult to choose hardware without physically seeing it in person. Photos may not always accurately represent the size and color of a piece of hardware. Kitchen Views showrooms have a wide selection of decorative hardware. You can also ask the designer to order a special sample.

Step 3Confirm Your Hardware Choice | The ultimate way to confirm a hardware decision is to place the hardware directly on the cabinetry within the actual design space.

Berenson sample clip for decorative hardware

A complimentary sample clip ships with every Berenson sample request. Use this innovative clip to slide hardware samples directly onto your cabinetry to get an early look at the final product before the commitment of drilling holes.

Discuss your decorative hardware needs and desires with your Kitchen Views designer so that this personalized finishing touch will make you happy for years to come.

Kitchen Views | Where the designers are pros and the views are yours

Top Knobs Hardware: New Passport And Sanctuary Collections

Top Knobs Hardware - Passport Collection Great Wall

Top Knobs recently introduced a unique concept in cabinet hardware with the Passport Collection, which is inspired by world-renowned destinations such as the Great Wall of China, Australia’s Sydney Opera House, London’s Tower Bridge, the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor, Africa’s Victoria Falls and Rome’s Trevi Fountain.

Each of the Passport Collections offer many different finishes, including Brushed Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Pewter Antique, Tuscan Bronze, German Bronze and Light Bronze. Each collection includes exquisitely shaped knobs, pulls, handles, appliance handles and more, offered in a wide variety of sizes and designs.

Top Knobs Hardware Sanctuary II Collection

Top Knobs Sanctuary II Collection

This year, Top Knobs released their new Sanctuary II collection of decorative hardware. This collection was designed  to meet a growing demand for contemporary and transitional styles, featuring clean, sophisticated lines. The Sanctuary II line is available in six finishes including new white, aluminum and stainless steel pieces. All thirty knobs and pulls are designed to be mixed and matched, making for many different unique combinations.

These and many other cabinet hardware possibilities are available from Kitchen Views.

Kitchen Views

Dennis Serge: Cabinet Hardware “Insurance”

Dennis Serge, Designer at Kitchen Views in Mansfield, MA

When selecting the hardware for your new cabinets, it’s a good idea to order at least two pieces more than what you actually need, especially if the hardware is special order. Put the extras away in one of the drawers, so that you will have them handy in the event that a piece of the hardware on the cabinets should get damaged or broken.

Two years ago, I had a customer who bought some very nice cabinet hardware with porcelain inserts, but purchased only the exact number of pieces that they needed. Recently, the porcelain on two of the handles broke. The customer came in to get replacements, but the manufacturer had gone out of business and we could no longer match the hardware. As a result, the customer had to go through the trouble and expense of replacing all the hardware in the kitchen because they hadn’t gotten a couple of extras to begin with. So, those extra two pieces of hardware stashed away in that drawer – they’re cheap insurance!

Dennis Serge
Showroom Manager
Kitchen Views at National Lumber
71 Maple Street, Mansfield, MA 02048
Tel.: 508-339-8020  Ext. 5617
Fax: 508-261-6426

Dennis Serge: Choosing Cabinet Hardware

Dennis Serge, Showroom Manager, Kitchen Views at National Lumber

Dennis Serge, Showroom Manager, Kitchen Views at National Lumber, Mansfield, MA

Many customers have a difficult time deciding on the hardware they want to put on their cabinets. Most people don’t have a problem selecting a finish that they like, but the question becomes do they want all knobs, all pulls, or some combination thereof? I have seen installations where knobs or pulls were used throughout and they look fine. Some customers will opt for a combination, using knobs on the doors and pulls on the drawer fronts or vice versa. The truth of the matter is there is no right or wrong way to do it. Choose what is visually appealing to you and something that you will be comfortable with.

Some people elect not to put any hardware at all on their cabinets. However, I do not recommend this. No matter how clean your kitchen is or how careful you are, over time, the natural oils in your skin will eventually cause a discoloration in the finish at the point where you touch the door or drawer each time you open it.

An attractive hardware selection that coordinates well with the style and colors of your cabinets and countertops can provide a lovely finishing touch to your beautiful new kitchen.

Dennis Serge
Showroom Manager
Kitchen Views at National Lumber
71 Maple Street, Mansfield, MA 02048
Tel.: 508-339-8020  Ext. 5617
Fax: 508-261-6426

Brandy Souza: Tiffany’s Never Had It So Good!

Brandy Souza, Kitchen Views at National Lumber

In the fashion world we “dress up” our outfits with jewelry that represents who we are and how we want people to see us. In the kitchen design world, hardware is our jewelry and should represent the same qualities. With all the new glass and specialty metals, why would you ever put a plain pull, handle or knob on your new cabinets? I have worked with contractors and retail clients alike that want to “just put something on” to get it over with. Make no mistake, rushing or settling for just any hardware will make your choices harder when you want to change in the future. The holes have already been drilled and you then have to settle for another hardware piece. My recommendations for hardware are simple, pick something out that you truly love and represents who you are.

Love the seaside? Try Sietto’s hand blown glass knobs and handles.

Sietto’s hand blown glass cabinet knobs and handles

Want the latches your grandmother had? Try Berenson Hardware.

Berenson hardware latch

And for the nautical bath? Laurey has fun hardware for anywhere that needs a little personality.

Laurey hardware - starfish

Now let’s talk (hold your ears, Tiffany) price. Individual hardware can range from $1.00 to $25 a piece depending on the quality of the hardware and the availability. There is a price difference in plated metals and solid metals. Plated metal pulls and knobs do not carry much of a warranty and usually show ware in a year or two where solid metal hardware usually have a lifetime warranty.

There are many choices of jewelry for your cabinets, but in the end, the Views should be Yours.

Brandy L. Souza
Assistant General Manager
Kitchen Views at National Lumber
120 Welby Rd, New Bedford, MA 02745
Office: 508-990-8020 x3163
Fax: 508-742-1498

*All products mentioned in the blog are available through any one of our 8 locations.

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