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Is It Really Better To Look Good Than To Live Good?

Maybe you remember him, maybe you don’t – Fernando Lamas. Brought to life on Saturday Night Live by comedian Billy Crystal, his token phrase was “You look mahvelous… it’s better to look good than feel good.

What do you do when it comes to remodeling or redesigning your kitchen? In this digital age of television and the World Wide Web, we are constantly reminded of the kitchen being the gathering place in the home. Think of how many kitchens you’ve seen on TV, in magazines or in online ads or DIY (do it yourself) websites and segments. Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Wow! I would love to have that kitchen,” because you fell in love with the look of it?

To go back to Fernando’s slogan, let the question be this: is it really better to look good than to live good? In the case of kitchen design, we can equate this concept to beauty versus function.

  • Will having a beautiful kitchen always allow you to live good?
  • Would you rather have a beautiful kitchen that forfeits some functionality and may be potentially hazardous to live with?

There are lots of design concepts that can balance both beauty and function, but others can be down-right dangerous.

Paul McAlary, kitchen industry professional, describes different scenarios and accidents waiting to happen in his article, Death by Kitchen Design. Read his post on the blog and educate yourself on potential kitchen dangers before you delve into your own remodeling project.

Jim Marrazzo: Visualize Your Kitchen

Jim Marrazzo, Kitchen Views at National Lumber, Newton, MA

Jim Marrazzo, Kitchen Views at National Lumber, Newton, MA

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Jim has been in the building industry for nearly 25 years, concentrating on kitchen design for the past 15. Prior to joining the team at Kitchen Views at National Lumber in Newton, Jim worked as a kitchen installer. His knowledge and experience ensures that form will, indeed, meet function, and fit exactly in the available space.

Here are links to Jim’s profile and portfolio.

Visualizing Your Kitchen

As a Professional Kitchen Designer, I realize the importance of visualizing your new kitchen. The design program that I use is called 20/20. It is a great tool to help my clients visualize their new kitchen from floor plans to prospective.

See below 20/20 floor plan and prospective along with the finished kitchen.

Another great tool I use is pictures of kitchens I have designed in the past. This helps to show my client’s different molding details, height and depth of cabinets, and also helps them visualize door style and colors.

See pictures below:

Using these techniques, along with your magazine cutout and your thoughts, I can help you visualize your new kitchen.

Jim Marrazzo
Kitchen Views at National Lumber

15 Needham St. Newton, MA 02461
617-244-8020 x 118 phone
617-969-7426  fax

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