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The Quandary with Color: Online Photos vs. Showrooms vs. In the Home

Why is the color in the photo you see online never the same in person? There are a variety of reasons for this. Some of it has to do with the source photography, which may have originated from a camera which had color settings that weren’t well calibrated. But even high-quality professional photography can look different online than in the home where it was taken. In many cases, color is different because of how much color is affected by lighting conditions. Whether the lighting is poor, or the lighting is too bright, the color you see in the picture is almost never going to be the true color you would see in person. On top of that, computer monitors almost never display true color because of the palette of colors available to a computer monitor is different than that of real life, so while the approximations can be very good, in combination with the source photography, you’re going to get a different perception of what the color might be versus what it actually is.

Mint Julep Bathroom Vanity

The designer used a cabinetry color called “Mint Julep”, which sounds like it should look green, but that is not the impression given by this photo. Photo Copyright: Julie Megnia Photography

Even in print, the color of a cabinet or paint on a wall in a photo may not be the same as what you would see in person. Photos in magazines and printed catalogs, just like online sources, are intended to give ideas and suggestions of colors for decorating, not precise colors for decorating.

For this reason, Kitchen Views always recommends that you take your cabinet door samples home with you. In addition, it’s also a good idea to take countertop samples home with you. If you are looking for paint, it is recommended that you get paint samples to try on your walls. This is because not only does color look different in person in the showroom as it does online, but in your home, in different lighting conditions, it can look even more different! There is really no way around the fact that color is quite a difficult thing to get perfect, which is why it’s important to trust the experts that deal with color issues all of the time like the experienced designers of Kitchen Views with finding just the color you’re expecting.

Kitchen Views

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