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Treasured Possessions and How They Help Us Define Our Style

When you’re remodeling your home, you want to be able to have your own personality worked into the design process. One way to work personal style into the design is to find a way to display treasured possessions. Another way to define your style is to find design elements that compliment those treasured possessions.

For example, you may like to collect beautiful glassware and use decorative picture frames. In that case, perhaps you would like special decorative hardware to accessorize your bathroom. Decorative cabinet hardware is a great way to express personal style. There are a wide range of styles that make the selections nearly endless. From basic handles and knobs to many different sorts of ornate designs, there are options for every aesthetic.


This feminine bathroom vanity vignette in our Mansfield showroom is an example of personalizing traditional cabinetry with feminine touches, such as the sparkling chandelier and decorative hardware. Imagine adding crystal picture frames and perfume bottles to complete the elegance. If you want a luxuriously feminine vanity, consider Schaub Crescendo decorative hardware, which looks like jewelry.


Keep in mind that fancier hardware can add up in price quickly, so be sure to keep budget in mind and not go overboard. It’s also extremely important that style and function go together with hardware. We have plenty of articles concerning how to choose decorative hardware that you can check out for further information.


In the kitchen, there are many options for display cabinets to show off fancy dishware and other treasured fragile items. In the Kitchen Views showroom in Mansfield, MA you can see how open corner shelves can display large pottery and a cabinet with glass doors can display glassware.

Glass door display cabinets could be either frosted or colored transparent glass, which can add a degree of mystery, or even plain glass to put items on full display. You could also have shelving in areas that might otherwise go unused, such as in cases where a regular wall cabinet may not fit, or otherwise empty wall space. This sort of shelving is perfect for displaying books or knick-knacks, depending on your personal style.


If you’re a wine aficionado, there are many options for open wine cabinets, available from many major kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Some allow you to even show off your wine glass collection. These sorts of cabinets can serve many purposes and if you decide on more custom options, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever your space considerations and how subtle or grand you want your style to be portrayed, try to keep your design choices as timeless as possible. Hardware can typically be swapped out easily, and display cabinets and shelves can be used for just about anything. When consulting your kitchen and/or bathroom designer, be sure to let them know about your favorite things so that they can help you incorporate them into the final design.

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Omega Mullions for Glass Cabinet Doors

Kitchen Views Warwick, RI - Omega Mullion Doors Display

Kitchen Views Warwick, RI - Omega Mullion Doors Display

Glass cabinet doors provide you with the opportunity to show more of your own personality by displaying special items. Add more style to your glass cabinet doors with special mullions now available from Omega. Available in Criss Cross, Triple Criss Cross or Double Helix. Double Helix and Triple Criss Cross are on display at Kitchen Views in Warwick, RI. However, they are available through all Kitchen Views showrooms.

Learn more on the Omega Cabinetry Mullion Doors site:

Kitchen Views

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