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How to Use Pinterest in Researching Your Next Remodeling Project


Today’s consumers use the vast information available on the Internet to browse and research every sort of product or project imaginable. When it comes to redesigning the home, one place that homeowners can go to research and gather ideas is Pinterest. This unique photo sharing social network allows you to easily organize a wide variety of design elements. You can sort the pictures of elements you are drawn to, that make you happy, or comfortable, or energized. Whatever goal you have for your home improvement project, Pinterest is a great place to start.

Kitchen Views has been on Pinterest for quite some time. Not only do we share some of our own designers’ projects, but also those from some of our favorite cabinetry and countertop manufacturers. We also share interesting design ideas as we find them.  Our Pinterest boards are broken down into bathrooms, kitchens, and general home design.


With Pinterest, you can also browse complementary elements such as appliances, backsplashes, flooring, lighting and more. By having separate boards for these you can easily organize ideas and products that you like. Also, Pinterest is very good at suggesting pins relevant to your interests. It also bases suggestions on what you’ve already searched, favorited, and pinned.

As a research tool, Pinterest can be invaluable as both a discovery and organization tool. It even allows you to upload your own pictures to share. You can use it to complement hardcopy idea books, or you can use it exclusively. Many in the design business use it already and will be happy to see what you have to start from when it comes to your ideas. As a visual aid, nothing really beats Pinterest.

It’s free to sign up and easy to use on both the computer and mobile devices. Be sure to follow Kitchen Views on Pinterest here:

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5 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Kitchen from Amy Mood

Kitchen with plenty of seating space

This kitchen designed by Amy Mood was planned with kid-friendliness in mind, and with functionality to grow with the family.

Kitchen Views designer Amy Mood says there are a few things that can make a kitchen child-friendly:

  1. For little kids the height of the seating area is key. Don’t leave them out of the action with tall stools they can’t easily climb up.
  2. Countertop corners should be rounded to prevent injuries during collisions. At particular ages, a sharp corner on a counter is right at eye level.
  3. Built-in step stools can be concealed under cabinets, but they’ll be put to such good use (as playsink or stove, drawing surface, etc.) that you’ll rarely find them concealed.
  4. Safety latches are getting more attractive all the time. The latest use magnets with special keys that need only be waved in front of hidden locks to release them.
  5. The new induction cooktops that heat only magnetic pots and pans but otherwise do not produce heat are probably the best solution to the age-old challenge of keeping children from attempting to imitate Julia Child without supervision. They’ve been popular in Europe for years but are only just catching on in the United States.

While tailoring a kitchen to children can make sense at times, there’s something important to remember: Kids are going to get bigger really fast.

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