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Innovative Kitchen Composting

SOLON™ Compost System - Lid Off

SOLON™ Compost System

Through a Twitter update, we discovered this new product that we thought might interest you. The SOLON composting system debuted at KBIS in April 2010. This new device is made by Blanco America, a manufacturer of innovative sinks and faucets.

From Blanco by Design, Blanco America’s company blog:

“The SOLON ingeniously collects egg shells, vegetable peels, coffee grounds and more,” states Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO. “People are so intrigued with composting, but they don’t want a bulky container taking up valuable space and they are afraid of odors. SOLON traps odors inside and integrates seamlessly with the counter so you hardly know it’s there. It’s an eco-friendly way to bring the beauty of BLANCO from the kitchen to the garden. It’s also incredibly easy to install in any countertop. We have a drop-in design that can go anywhere and a flush option for stone tops. You don’t have to re-do your kitchen to incorporate composting into your life.”

You can learn more about this product at their company blog: BLANCO’s award-winning SOLON™ Compost System greens and beautifies kitchens indoors and out

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