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Check List for Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Brandy Souza of Kitchen Views

Kitchen Views at National Lumber enjoyed hosting our first EM NARI Networking event on April 16 along with co-host Allstate Glass. Two of our PRO Force salesmen, who specialize in working with remodelers, were there discussing current building projects.

Steven Kaitz, owner of National Lumber at the EM NARI Networking Event

Steven Kaitz (right), owner of National Lumber at the EM NARI Networking Event in the Kitchen Views showroom, Mansfield, MA

Many demonstration areas were available, including:

•  Allstate Glass frameless glass shower enclosures and back-painted glass backsplashes

•  Schrock and Dynasty representatives showed our vignettes of their cabinetry products and answered questions

•  Häfele introduced their new cabinet lighting that is installed in our two new kitchen vignettes

•  One of our Mansfield designers introduced our new cabinet re-facing program

•  Closet Factory showed their new finishes for custom closet products

Look for more photos in our Facebook and Google+ albums.

The night was filled with food, drinks and fantastic company. We had big winners too! Nancy from Masters Touch won a gift certificate to Closet factory. Dave from Home Repairs Carpentry in Norwood won a gift certificate to Allstate Glass, and Dave from Miller Construction won a Häfele tool kit and gift certificate for their product line.

But the biggest winner is the EM NARI scholarship fund. Annually, a scholarship is awarded to an immediate family member of an EM NARI member who is a high school graduating senior who has been accepted as a full-time student to an accredited college or university in any program of study. Thanks to everyone who attended we collected $800 for the scholarship fund.

Builders had a chance to see many of the new products going into kitchens now. Many of them feel the market for remodeling is strengthening. Adding these products to any renovation is sure to add value to a customer’s home.

Mike McDole speaking to a guest at the EM NARI Networking Event

Mike McDole, National Lumber’s Senior Vice President of Sales, speaking to a guest at the EM NARI Networking Event in the Kitchen Views showroom.

We are looking forward to another networking night! We invite you to check National Lumber’s website Events page,, periodically to see what’s coming up.

In the meantime, we invite you to visit a National Lumber location near you to find out about the PRO Force Remodelers program. Feel free to visit a Kitchen Views at National Lumber showroom and speak to one of our designers about your next project.

Brandy Souza
General Manager of Kitchen Views

Task & Under Cabinet Lighting

Task lighting under the upper cabinets

Note that lighting has been installed under the upper cabinets for task use at the desk area.


We would like to share with all of you how important it is to keep in mind the benefits of lighting when planning your kitchen or bath project. This can be a relatively inexpensive part of your overall budget, as there are a few different options that can make all the difference in a kitchen, especially if you are working with a smaller area.

For instance, if a smaller space won’t allow for a furniture hutch type piece in the room, you may want to consider utilizing one of your wall cabinets as a “display” type of cabinet by putting a glass front door with some glass shelves, instead of the traditional wood shelves, and putting some lighting at the top of the cabinet to display any special china or decorative dishes/glassware you may have.

Another application for lighting is what is commonly referred to as “task” lighting; these are lights that would be placed under wall cabinets, and these lights focus directly on the countertop, as opposed to a traditional ceiling light fixture that may cast unpleasant shadows, making it easier to prepare meals.

There are several types of lighting that would be sufficient, such as “hockey puck” lights, “rope” lighting, or traditional florescent bars. Please keep in mind that when using under cabinet lighting, additional molding is required to maintain the function of the light, so not only do you have added light in the kitchen, but with the addition of Light Rail Molding, your kitchen now has a finished look, as well.

Kitchen Views

Small Kitchen Designs That Work: Natural Lighting

Natural light, if at all possible, is a great thing for a small kitchen. Not only does this save on energy costs as far as lighting is concerned, but it also makes the space feel more open. If you can put an outside window into a kitchen that did not have one before, by all means do so. White cabinetry also helps to make a room brighter, especially in conjunction with natural lighting.

There’s also the option of using skylights, perhaps even a vented skylight to offer fresh air – just be sure to remember to close the vents when it rains. If you’re looking for something a lot smaller than a conventional skylight, you could try a tubular skylight, such as the Sun Tunnel skylight from VELUX.

VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight in Small Kitchen

An example of VELUX Sun Tunnel skylights in a small kitchen

Be sure to check back often as we continue our “Small Kitchen Designs That Work” series. As always, if you have any good ideas or design solutions that you know work, feel free to leave a comment and share them with us.

Kitchen Views

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The Importance of Kitchen Lighting

“Lighting the Way”

With all that goes into renovating a kitchen, something is bound to fall by the way side.  Don’t let that be your lighting!  Lighting is a tool that can change the feel of a space with the flick of a switch.

Ambient/general lighting is going to be the “foundation” for your lighting.  You start with your ambient lighting, and then you add layers, such as accent, task and decorative lighting.  Ambient lighting is usually sourced from recessed down lights.  The lighting these fixtures provide will affect the overall appearance of the room.  Choosing the correct lamp/bulb is also important.  You want to make sure that the lamps you have in this fixtures won’t make your white cabinets have a pink or blue hue.  An incandescent bulb will provide a warm, soft light.  You can set these fixtures on dimmer switches as an energy saving solution.  There are lighting controls available that also allow you to create lighting schemes.  You can have them pre-programmed so with the flick of a switch, you can go from a brighter lighting scheme that includes task lighting used while you cook to a softer, more intimate scheme while you sit down and enjoy your dinner with a loved one.

Lighting Design in a Kitchen Views Designed Residential Kitchen

Lighting Design in a Kitchen Views Designed Residential Kitchen

Accent lighting can be important if you would like to highlight a particular element in your kitchen.  It is directional light used to highlight or emphasize an object in the room.

An example would be a hutch piece with custom leaded glass doors and interior lighting. Lighting can also add a design element to your kitchen.  Decorative lights are used as a focal point or to add character to the space.  Usually pendant lights or a chandelier are the most common, often placed over an island or table.

There are so many elements that create the overall feel of your kitchen.  With all the details that go into designing a kitchen, a Kitchen Views designer will be certain that no element is overlooked, and that lighting will play an integral part in creating your dream space!

Kitchen Views

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