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10 Tips for a Smoother Kitchen Design Journey

Remodeling a kitchen is a long process, and Kitchen Views has 10 tips to help your kitchen design journey go as smoothly as possible.

1. Find an experienced kitchen designer with whom you feel comfortable sharing your ideas, practical needs, and construction concerns. Kitchen Views designers are chosen for their expertise in project management as well as having design talent. On our website you can learn more about each of the talented people in our team and see pictures of the designers’ work. If you would like to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation, call 508.337.4467 or your nearest Kitchen Views showroom.

2. Be prepared by bringing room measurements, photos of kitchens that represent your taste & style, and an appliance “wish list” to your appointment. No artistic skill required, just a measuring tape. You can use the Measuring Guide sheet available in the Getting Started section on our website for clear instructions on how to measure a space and sketch a floor plan.

3. Offer as much information as possible about your lifestyle and budget to your designer so they can help you to make good decisions about the design and selection of products. For example, the types of meals you serve (home
cooked or take-out?), entertainment style (casseroles or caterer? frequent or occasional?), storage and display needs (Tupperware and/or Wedgewood?), and what you love and hate in your current kitchen

4. Determine what you need versus what you want. Make a “must have list” and a “wish list” to determine what is essential to those who will spend the most time in your new kitchen. Remember to include information about pets. Make added convenience a focus.

5. Give yourself enough time to enjoy the experience. Become an educated consumer and allow time to make thoughtful decisions. This will enable you to work within a comfortable budget. Late changes are likely to escalate the cost.

6. Don’t get hung up on the little things. Along the way minor details may not work out as planned due to issues you can’t control. Be creative. Work with your designer and your installer to find solutions to whatever pops up that will enhance your beautiful new kitchen.

7. Create a “temporary kitchen” in another room with your refrigerator and a place for the microwave. Gather paper plates (etc.) and groceries in the same place. You will be without your sink and possibly your stove and oven, possibly for weeks, during the installation. There are ways to get through the inconvenience — from grilling to ordering take-out. Think of it as camping, but with better sleeping arrangements.

8. During the installation, keep your designer’s phone number on speed dial and try to stay available to the installer. There will be unforeseen issues along the way that will need to be dealt with and decisions that will need to be made, sometimes quickly. It’s much better to be a part of the decision making, understanding why something needs to be done differently than planned instead of having the decision made (or not made) for you and wondering what happened after everyone is gone.

9. Patience is a virtue – a difficult concept to grasp in this day and age of well choreographed HGTV episodes. Rely on your designer and your installer to give you a realistic time table and know that unexpected problems and unforeseen roadblocks are going to happen. Stay flexible. While our professionals can give you a pretty good idea – know that there are a lot of moving targets. Things can change quickly, be prepared for the time “table” to become a time “estimate”.

10. Keep your eye on the prize – imagine waking up and walking into your beautiful new kitchen!

Kitchen Views

Don’t Let Your Budget Limit Your Kitchen Design

Bob Russo, ACSD/PKBP

This article is from Kitchen Views Magazine’s Premiere issue, Fall 2008:

“Look outside the box – literally! No one says you have to use a wall cabinet on the wall,” says designer Bob Russo. He knows that innovative ideas can make any budget go further, whether you’re spending $3,000 or $30,000.

“If you know the ins and outs of cabinetry construction, you can use them in different ways,” he says, excitedly drawing an example. “Say you need a 12″ base cabinet for a narrow passageway. Don’t pay extra to modify a base cabinet, which is 24″ deep, use a wall cabinet, which is already 12″ deep and therefore costs less.”

With 33 years in the business, Bob has a long history of helping homeowners create their dream not only on paper, but within their budget.

“One customer came to me frustrated because she wanted an island in her new kitchen. Her architect, contractor and designer told her it would be too costly – her kitchen was too small and they’d have to knock out a wall or add on. By moving things around, I found a way to make it work without changing the project scope,” he says modestly.

One of Bob’s favorite budget exercises is to split your wish list into two columns: “must have” and “nice to have.” By helping people prioritize, he can figure out how to help them save money and still have an amazing looking kitchen.

“For example, you can use detailed cabinets with a rich finish for an island with a complementary but simpler look on the periphery. Or, use the new Formica that looks like granite instead of paying for stone. We have a full palette of options and even a few tricks,” he reveals.

Another way Bob helps homeowners is by showing them the pros and cons of different options so they can make informed decisions.

“When you’ve crossed as many bumps in the road as I have, you know how to find a way around them,” says this veteran designer and Air Force Vet. “I like to do everything I can to exceed my customer’s expectations.”

Bob Russo, ACSD/PKBP
Kitchen Views at National Lumber
15 Needham St. Newton, MA 02461
Phone: 617-244-8020

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