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Spring is the Best Time to Start a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Welcome Floral Display at Kitchen Views Custom, Newton, MA

“Spring is in the Air!”

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about that kitchen project you have put off for so long.  Late winter and early spring are the best times to really dive into the kitchen planning stages and find the right contractor.

With any luck, depending on contractor/builder availability, you can have the majority of the project construction done during the summer or early fall.  What’s the advantage of this?  When you are having your kitchen renovated, unless you have a second kitchen in your home, most of your meals will either be cooked in a microwave, on a hot plate or in a toaster oven. Some people prefer take-out from their favorite restaurants. But in the summer and fall months you would also have the option of grilling outside.  Giving you more options for meals and making the disruption of going through a renovation slightly easier.

Your other advantage: your new kitchen will be ready before the holidays!  Most people start at the end of summer or early fall, hoping to get the project done by the holidays.  Allow yourself more time if you want to host the next Thanksgiving celebration to show off your beautiful new kitchen!

For expert advice on how to get started on your kitchen remodel, visit the “Getting Started” section on the Kitchen Views website.

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