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By Boat, RV or Expo – Kitchen Views Goes The Distance For You

NKBA Boston Harbor Dinner Cruise aboard the Spirit of Boston ship September 10, 2013

“Where the designers are pros, and the views are yours.” That is our motto here at Kitchen Views. We are here to design for you with integrity and the highest quality products possible.

This summer, we hosted an open house style RV showroom displaying counter materials from Cosentino. They drove to Mansfield and parked their RV in our lot and were there to meet with designers, builders, and homeowners about their different product lines. Most recently, the KV designers met with various vendors to see what is trending for 2014. Here are a couple of examples from the evening.

Kitchen Views Assistant GM scheduling a meeting with a cabinetry vendor.

Cabinets – The designers at KV joined cabinet dealers to take a look at new product on the NKBA‘s Boston Harbor Cruise. Cabinet vendors showed the designers the new textured doors and rich grays that are available cabinetry swatch showing textured veneer finishfor 2014.  Kitchen Views stays ahead of the curve by making sure new product is available to customers right away. Contractors that work with KV enjoy the fact that their customers are getting the most current products on the market.

Counters – Countertop material has changed dramatically in the marketplace. New finish processes prevent staining more than ever. The designers tested the new SileStone Suede finish by attempting to scratch and stain it.

Kitchen Views designers speak to Cosentino vendor about new line of counter top materials and quality

Each designer took a different approach to test the material to make sure customers were going to be satisfied with overall durability. Some attempted to scratch it with glass, knifes and tile. Others tried to stain it with cherries, red wine and soda. The product performed exceptionally well and KV will be displaying the new product in the Newton store next month. These types of meetings give the designers a real trial of how these products will perform in the field.


KV Designers John Allen and Lee Turner converse with Jim and Merry from Cosentino about the quality of their new product line.

It is our duty to those we service to research various products and find those that consistently match the quality we expect to deliver to our customers.

If you would like more information on how our designers can assist you, or if you have questions on the products we carry, feel free to visit or call a Kitchen Views showroom closest to you, or visit our website at

Brandy Souza | Kitchen Views Assistant General Manager
Kitchen Views  | 120 Welby Rd., New Bedford, MA 02745
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Observe Your Holiday Cooking Habits This Independence Day

Happy Independence Day from Kitchen Views at National Lumber

There are certain times during the year when you spend more time in the kitchen making, and baking, things for a special occasion. This week, pay attention to your kitchen habits while you’re preparing that yummy dish to share at your Fourth of July cookout.

Do you find that you like to spread out all the ingredients, dishes and pots and pans you’ll need? Maybe you have limited counter space so spreading everything out is not an option for you. If a smaller kitchen is the case, you’ve probably mastered the skills to improvise and work methodically. Whichever the case may be, be observant of how you use your kitchen.

Knowing your preparation and cooking habits will clearly define your needs. If you’re thinking about remodeling your current kitchen, think of the essentials you absolutely must have in order for you to work fluently. Look around at the layout and think about how you flow as you’re preparing and cooking. Is everything in a place that makes sense to support your independent cooking habits? If not, write your ideas down as to what you think may make your life a little easier in the kitchen. That way, when the time comes for you to work with your own professional kitchen designer, you will be prepared.

You will be able to express what works for you in your kitchen and what doesn’t. From that, your designer can offer you suggestions and solutions for you to consider. An experienced designer is an integral part of your remodeling team because he or she may have the foresight to identify possible so called obstacles in the remodeling process, and the expertise on how to avert certain issues; thus saving you money in the long run.

Having your kitchen remodeled is a big undertaking, no doubt. However, once your project is complete, you will have the liberty to cook as you please and the freedom to tell everyone how much you love your new kitchen! Don’t forget to leave your online review about your experience. Read more about why your online review is important here.

From Kitchen Views at National Lumber, we wish you and your family a safe, healthy and wonderful Happy Independence Day!

Our locations will be honoring holiday hours on Thursday and Friday. Call your local showroom to find out their holiday schedule.

What “Special Somethings” Would Make Your Kitchen Incredible?

Everyone fantasizes about the ultimate “dream” home. It’s fun to flip through design magazines, pin things you like on Pinterest and add your favorite room ideas to your Ideabooks on Houzz. You can see what styles and amenities others like, and share what you find pleasing and useful.

The real challenge for a homeowner comes when you decide to remodel or rennovate your space. You begin to think about all the different ideas you have seen and wonder how to implement some of those into your very own updated home. While you may have some ideas and likes that are truly over- the-top extravagant, here are a few suggestions that are very practical. Once you have these amenities, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

Kitchen with plenty of seating space for entertaining and ambient lighting

This kitchen was designed with under the cabinet lighting as an added feature

If you are updating your kitchen, you may want to consider some, if not all, of these items for your new space.

Soft-close hinges on cabinets and drawers: This will help save fingers from getting pinched, reduce noise upon closing and help with multi-tasking.

Large drawers: If you have limited space for cabinets, install large drawers into lower cabinets. It may be easier to pull open a drawer and see what’s in it, rather than peer into a low, dark cabinet and possibly have to move items around until you find what you’re looking for.

Keep your countertop clear: You can install a built-in soap dispenser, eliminating the need to leave out the bottle of soap. Another idea is to build in a microwave with a cabinet door to hide it.

If you dine, or like to entertain in your kitchen, create an ambiance by installing dimmer switches to control the lighting for the occassion. Adding under-cabinet lighting can also add charm to your room. We have some wonderful visuals of lighting in our Kitchen Views Gallery.

For more inspiration, take a journey through our gallery to see some of the wonderful work created by our talented kitchen designers.

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Good Chemistry and the Fine Art of Cooking

This article was the featured cover story from the Summer 2009 issue of Kitchen Views Magazine.

“Sweet and Savory” by Chad Carlberg

Walk up the back porch and into the home of Ingrid and John Molnar and you will discover why they are both smiling with pride—it’s their kitchen. Yet this cooking couple deserves bragging rights, having spent over a decade living with an ordinary kitchen whose extraordinarily bad design made their shared joy of cooking an endless labor of love.

“I’m a baker and John’s more of a cook,” Ingrid reveals.

Quickly, John quips, “I’m an artist. She’s more of a chemist.” They laugh as if congratulating themselves for having grown so comfortable with one another that their conversations roll like an old act that never tires. It’s hard to imagine that they would have had any difficulty in designing and renovating a kitchen. But mix a baker and a cook, an Italian and a German, and a dash of marriage, and the resulting pastiche is a recipe for living with an outdated kitchen long past its expiration date.

John Molnar cooking in the old kitchen

John Molnar cooking in the old kitchen

“I wanted a microwave that wasn’t on the counter and wasn’t so high that the kids would have trouble using it,” says Ingrid, now mother of high school-aged twin girls. “I also needed a vertical drawer for cutting boards and cookie sheets—”

“—And I had to have a stove with good control that could get hot fast,” John adds. “This induction cooktop was the way to go. We have no gas in this house so we had to get clever. But when we researched it we were sold. This thing boils water in ninety seconds.”

Their individual must-have list goes on and on, and they revel in how well they each recall their concoction for the perfect kitchen.

Outside of the Molnar residence, the ingredients are almost always a little different, yet the indecision and anxiety about “pulling the trigger” is shared by couples everywhere. Every one of them is searching for a sign about the next step. The Molnars were fortunate to find theirs in the form of a Kitchen Views designer from Berlin, MA named Diane Hersey.

John whips up lunch as he speaks, a simple Pasta Puttanesca recipe he picked up from his maternal grandfather. He doesn’t mention it, but is delighted to show off the speed and efficacy of his new cooktop stove.

“Diane was just what we needed. Because my wife and I are very good in the kitchen. We work together all the time. But we envisioned different spaces because we like different things.”

Ingrid adds that Diane was a superb listener, and was able to take in a lot of information to help them create the kitchen they had always wanted. “It’s a wonderful process,” Diane explains. “People always know what they want. They just need to be guided with the right sort of questions, and become active in a dialog that is not all that familiar to them.”

It is clear that Diane is fluent in the language of design. Her work is stunning, but the aesthetic of her creations is only a partial tribute. For even in the span of a lunchtime visit, an equal balance of Ingrid’s and John’s individual personalities is evident in the kitchen’s design. It is both slick and precise, earthy and relaxed. It is whimsical and practical, and it works beautifully.

Their contemporary kitchen with high-gloss wine colored cabinetry by UltraCraft is accompanied by touches of glass, aluminum and stainless steel. The cabinetry in the two-level island is a bird’s eye maple look-alike. Countertops on the periphery and the island are both engineered stone. The island’s cool blue gray echoes the kitchen’s stainless steel, while the warmer tans found in the peripheral counters build a connection between their immediate surroundings and the wooden beams and hardwood throughout the house.

John using the induction cooktop in the new kitchen

John using the induction cooktop in the new kitchen

“That’s Diane,” Ingrid says plainly. “I look around and I can see so much of each of us in here, and she made it work.”

John continues, “When we were researching kitchens we wanted something unique. We kept getting these people selling us their line… Or this medieval custom millwork. She was the first person who worked to understand that we weren’t like most people and that we wanted something different.” Ingrid adds that in addition to listening, Diane was masterful in creating a kitchen whose workflow intuited their every move. “Excuse me, John. Can I get in there?” she says playfully, recalling their daily dance in a tight, galley kitchen. “The whole thing just flows so well now.”

John lights up, recalling those days when a bad kitchen was made adequate through the goodwill of the cooks who worked in it. Rather than turning wistful, however, he chuckles at his new found fortune—the pasta’s already done.

From the Molnar’s kitchen emerge two beautiful open rooms, both late additions in the renovation process, each responses to careful design choices in the kitchen space. For the first time this day, the husband and wife are quiet, save for the clang of silverware on porcelain bowls. The afternoon sunlight has found its way into the house and rests like a tired hound beside the wood stove.

“That was delicious.” Ingrid breaks the silence, swiping the dishes from the counter and loading them into the dishwasher in one move. After several hours talking chemistry and the art of designing the “perfect kitchen,” it is the finality of a quick and simple meal made from scratch that best punctuates a story many years in the making. And like a satisfying meal, it was indeed worth the wait.

For more on this story, see this video documenting the Molnar’s kitchen design journey. For more stories from Kitchen Views’ design magazines, visit

Kitchen Views at National Lumber
25 Central St, Berlin, MA

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