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Melissa Moniz: Built-in Microwaves & Microwave Drawers

Under Counter Microwave Drawer at Kitchen Views Custom

Under Counter Microwave Drawer at Kitchen Views Custom

Everyone loves speedy cooking for getting their cravings met immediately, and now people are discovering a better place to put their favorite appliance instead of over the stove or on the countertop. One of the hottest products we’ve seen lately is the microwave drawer or built-in microwave in a base cabinet. An immediate benefit is that by moving the microwave away from the stove, it keeps the cook from having to reach over the stove. Planning for longterm use, reaching can become difficult for some people, while an under-counter microwave is always accessible to everyone.

However, while this accessiblity can have many benefits, homes with small children will have to take precautions until they are old enough to understand it is not a toy. Left unsupervised, inquisitive and creative tots might experiment on inappropriate items, such as amusing themselves by melting GI Joes. But older children, taught properly, will delight in the independence of making a snack for themselves.

Another reason to consider is to free up space for a larger, fancy or more powerful ventilation hood over the stove. More counter space and easier use – thoughtful placement of each and every item by a knowledgeable designer will create a kitchen that your family will enjoy for years to come.

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Melissa Moniz: Laminate Countertop Options

Everyone remembers their grandparents’ countertop, the avocado green or the lovely bright orange that would scorch your eyes when you first walked into the kitchen.  Laminate has come a long way thankfully; the colors offered now can range from retro to ultra modern or can mimic the most popular granite colors available.

There are a number of laminate manufacturers out there and while one does not make a better constructed laminate than the other, their color options vary. Unfortunately, these tops can be damaged by knives or extreme heat, but by using a cutting board or hot pad, it will be protected and stay beautiful for years to come. The main drawback to this material is the necessity of seams depending on the length and style.

The two types of laminate tops are generally referred to as post form or custom. The post form is made by a machine that fuses the color to a substrate panel beneath it which produces a round front with an attached backsplash.  This style with always have a diagonal seam at each corner because the machines have not learned how to turn corners yet. The custom top is physically cut by a person who then attaches the color to the substrate. The largest available laminate piece is 5 x 12 so if your top fits in that dimension your custom top will not need a seam.

Since laminate can mimic the popular granite colors and pattern, you will get the look you want for less. Laminate can also be a great option to stretch your remodeling budget, and get the quality cabinets that will last. You could choose to install laminate now and upgrade to granite or quartz later as your budget allows.

You can learn more about the many different laminate countertop options from both Formica’s ( and Wilsonart’s Laminate and HD Laminate ( websites. Your Kitchen Views designer will help you to identify what countertop type and style is best for your kitchen.

Melissa Moniz
Kitchen Views at National Lumber
120 Welby Rd, New Bedford, MA

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