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Pet-Friendly Kitchen Ideas

What makes for a pet-friendly kitchen? Each pet and each home is unique. You may want a designated eating area for your pet or bench seating where your pet can sit near you, but not be underfoot.

Here are a couple solutions to common issues concerning pets in the kitchen from Jamie Goldberg, AKBD, CAPS of the popular kitchen design blog GOLD NOTES.

Did your curious kitten burn its paws?

“You can reduce the chance of your cat burning its paws by changing from gas or electric cooking to induction. An induction burner will only heat up when there’s a pot covering it. It will also cool faster than an electric or gas burner.

If changing your range or cooktop is not an option right now, and you have a curious cat, you can keep the burners covered when they’re not in use.”


Protect your pet's paws from burning with a Burner Kover from Range Kleen

Has little Fido gotten into the trash again?

“Consider a trash pull-out for a base cabinet as a solution. Often, they’ll fit in the open space below the sink, which happens to be a very convenient spot. Pull-outs come in various sizes and configurations. A two-can model will hold both recyclables and trash. They’re available online and at many home centers.”

Stop your pet from getting at the kitchen trash with a cabinet pull-out, like one pictured above from Rev-A-Shelf.

© Jamie Goldberg Kitchen and Bath Design, LLC. Used with permission

For more great solutions, read the rest of Jamie’s article for great pet-friendly kitchen design tips.

Whatever you’re looking for in making your kitchen pet-friendly, you can rely on the Kitchen Views design team to help you find the best solutions for your situation. For more ideas, visit our pet-friendly kitchen tips page at

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