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Why Range Hoods are Important

Kitchen Range Hood

Range hoods aren’t just the decorative centerpiece of a kitchen… they’re important for your health!

Range hoods are often considered a decorative piece, but they actually also serve an important purpose. In fact, the ventilation that range hoods provide is very good for our health. Not only does it vent the moisture from cooking and the carbon monoxide produced as the burners start, but also more dangerous things such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and formaldehyde, which is a byproduct of heated oil. It also removes the fine particles, created by cooking food, from the air, so that they do not end up as residue on the walls or being inhaled by the home’s occupants.

It is important to note that the design of the hood depends on the requirements of your particular town’s building code. Some towns’ building codes may dictate how high and deep the hood will be. There are many different options available for range hoods, from both aesthetic and functional standpoints. You can refer to our article from 2010 for some tips on how to select the right range hood for your kitchen. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, the range hood needs to be an important part of your plan.

Kitchen Views

Proper Kitchen Venting Prevents Frustrations

Every great kitchen needs proper ventilation. The old low tech solution of opening a window just won’t cut it anymore. The most stylish, energy-efficient and cost-effective method is a range hood. However, there are many, many options when it comes to range hoods. In the summer 2009 issue of Kitchen Views magazine, designer Diane Hersey from the Kitchen Views Berlin, MA showroom and Dennis MacDonald of Yale Appliance offered some helpful hints.

Excerpted from “4 Solutions” – Kitchen Views Summer 2009 Magazine (PDF):

Not all range hoods are created equal. Some look spectacular while offering little more utilitarian functionality than the whir of a fan. Others could devour the smoke from a woodfire barbecue and eat the room’s decor as well. And in between, there are myriad options that make choosing the right one more difficult than you’d expect…

“Whether or not people want it to be, the hood ends up as a centerpiece,” says Diane.

“Your choice for form or function depends entirely upon what you want to get out of it. Some people like a hardy industrial hood, others only care about the aesthetic and others don’t care one way or the other…

When asked if it is important to own a range hood Diane points out that the average home without proper ventilation accumulates significant kitchen grease in the rugs and fabric.

“With open floor plans being so popular today, it’s more important than ever to have proper ventilation and smart design planning,” says MacDonald. He adds that when you only have one shot, it’s wise to do it right.

“Silly as it may seem, the cost difference between a range hood with minimal ventilation and one with a powerful fan pulling plenty of air could be the difference between liking your kitchen and really loving it,” says Dennis. For most homeowners, a range hood that draws 600-900 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) would be sufficient. Some may get away with an over-the-range microwave hood, or a low-cost, low intake hood (250-400 CFM), but if you’re a cook whose “dine-in” menu includes more than mac ‘n cheese or microwave popcorn, selecting the right range hood with a complementary design will keep you from venting frustration in the long-run.

The designers at Kitchen Views will help you select a range hood that serves your aesthetic desires and functional needs.

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