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Dream Kitchen Wish List: Choosing Kitchen Appliances

While Kitchen Views does not recommend any particular brands of appliances, our designers are very familiar with the latest appliance innovations. The examples below are only for illustration purposes, and are not meant to reflect any endorsement.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator

Samsung French Door Refrigerator

Before you meet with your kitchen designer, it would be a good idea to visit several appliance showrooms to view different types of kitchen equipment. In particular, try to focus on refrigerators, ranges or combination of cook tops and ovens, microwaves and dishwashers (single unit or draw style). The sales person will usually furnish you with spec sheets or model numbers.

Frigidaire Freestanding Gas Range

Frigidaire Freestanding Gas Range

Your designer will then try to incorporate your appliance wish list in your new kitchen plan. Sometimes, there are space limitations or code issues as to why some products may not work in your kitchen. If that is the case, your designer will suggest options and/or work with your appliance representative to come up with the best solution.

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