Stretch Your Money with Careful Renovation Planning


With all the home renovation shows getting our imaginations running wild, we have more options to consider than ever before. However, your budget might not match your wish list. For those of us who can better afford a less elaborate renovation, our designers can help you to make your dream kitchen fit within your budget, with some careful choices and wise substitutions. Click here for a series of before and after pictures of the new kitchen shown above.

When planning your dream kitchen, include every option you think you might like to have: cherry wood instead of maple, roll-out trays, trash bin, glass-front cabinets, etc. Once the design is completed, if the cost is above of your budget, then you can decide which elements you can or can’t live without. Your designer can recommend which selections will be most cost-effective. It’s easier for the designer to take out options depending on their importance rather than add more elements after you have received a base price. While the design cost is included in your cabinetry purchase, if there is an unusual amount of re-work design time involved you may be charged for the extra time required.

One element that varies greatly in price depending on brand and style is decorative hardware. You might select a lower cost brand to help the budget right now. The most important choice in the original planning stage is whether to use a knob or a pull since the contractor will need to drill either one or two holes. Deciding now which works better for your situation will avoid problems later. Many economical brand choices are available that complement a wide selection of cabinetry styles. Later, once you’ve had time to consider an upgrade that would make you happier, you can easily change the decorative hardware yourself as an afternoon project one weekend.

Wilsonart Laminate Countertop

Wilsonart Laminate Countertop

Another way to save money during your renovation would be to install laminate counter tops. They come in a wide variety of patterns, including many that mimic various stone. Laminate is durable and will serve you well. Then, a year or two down the road when you can afford to make a change, arrange to swap them out with granite or quartz.  It’s also helpful to keep in mind that once a granite countertop is installed you cannot easily change cabinetry underneath it, since most likely the granite will not survive such a change without cracking. So if you expect to renovate in stages over time, planning ahead will save you from some problems and reduce overall costs.

Kitchen Views designers are skilled at exceeding your expectations, no matter what your budget.

Kitchen Views at National Lumber

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