What is a Transitionally Modern Kitchen?


Transitionally modern – what does that name mean? In many homes, a fully modern kitchen may appear out of place, while a traditional style kitchen may not have the modern amenities that today’s homeowners demand. Blending traditional and modern design elements creates what is called a transitional style.

Here is a Narragansett, RI kitchen designed by Warwick, RI designer Lisa Zompa which shows an example of transitional cabinetry.


From this picture, you can see how these cabinets have both the modern clean lines along with traditionally styled decorative moulding. There’s a modern gas-powered stovetop, but it doesn’t look out of place. Over the stovetop, the sand tone backsplash features pale blue tile insets. Backsplashes are a more modern element, but here it ties the design together by adding visual interest without being overpowering. The stove hood is the focal point in this space, with a shelf providing a perfect place to display decorative items.

The island is particularly interesting. It’s made from cherry wood but the stain color – known as “porch swing” – is meant to mimic driftwood. This adds to the beach-side charm of the kitchen. The large island can comfortably seat four, making it perfect as a casual dining area. On the seating side of the island, there are cabinets used for storing occasionally used items such as glassware and seasonal items.

Another major element of transitional kitchens is that they tend towards an open concept design. This is especially true in this kitchen. There is a bookcase on the end of the driftwood-colored island, which makes for a natural transition from the kitchen to a comfortable seating area around the fireplace (not pictured here). Having a place to display favorite items, such as books and knickknacks, allows the residents to add their personalities to the space, another transitional design element. There’s also a casual dining area adjacent to the kitchen.


By integrating traditional design elements into modern layouts, transitional kitchens retain the charm of an older space while also giving you a kitchen that has modern convenience.  Transitional kitchens contain a great deal of detail. Whereas completely modern kitchens tend towards a more minimal and functional look, transitional kitchens allow for a great deal of design space while losing nothing as far as function.

Kitchen Views designers are experts at blending traditional and modern design elements. Whichever you prefer to lean towards, our designers can find the solutions so you can build and enjoy your dream kitchen.

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General Manager
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